Metamorphosis of Democracy

The ancient philosopher Socrates fought, lived and died for his belief in democracy. He was a soldier who fought for Athens. He vigorously participated in the government of Athens, although some corrupt officials didn’t like his criticisms. However, in spite of his criticisms of the government of Athens, when his political enemies used a mob rule mentality to have him unjustly sentenced to death, he accepted the sentence rather than run away. A student of Socrates, Plato, didn’t like democracy, perhaps in part because of what he saw happen to his teacher. THE REPUBLIC by Plato is a written work that, among other things, encourages an aristocracy of philosophers rather than a democracy. Plato saw democracy as the mob rule of uneducated peasants. Adam Weishaupt drew from some of the ideas for his Illuminati Doctrine from this work by Plato. The Illuminati Doctrine calls for the creation of a global government run by illuminated aristocrats. Albert Pike’s plan for three world wars would put the aristocrats in power as the masses are economically and morally beaten down by unending wars. The Club of Rome developed plans which would divide the world into Ten Kingdoms; this another grand vision for a world run by wealthy aristocrats in which democracy is banished. Agenda 21 in the U.N. is yet another grand plan to put a small group of aristocrats in power over the world. In response to all these grand aristocratic plans, I think that those of us who believe in democracy need a grand plan of our own to reinstate authentic democracy in America. It’s obvious that our once great democracy has become so corrupted that it no longer functions. Once we reform America we need a plan to spread democracy to the entire world to create an international alliance of independent democratic nations. But who should come up with such a plan? The nature of democracy is that people should work and think together. The ancient philosopher Socrates had a method which evoked the collective intelligence of his students. He had a technique for teaching his students which consisted of thesis, antithesis and then metamorphosis. A student puts forward a thesis, then another student challenges that thesis with an antithesis. The discussion and debate which follows results in a metamorphosis of thought. This metamorphosis will always be an idea or set of ideas which no one person could have come up with alone. I worked for years as a professional political fund raiser. I was involved with a political talk show for years on KOPN. I’ve studied and posted on this website for years as well. I’ve written a thesis–my idea of a grand plan for restoring democracy in America then spreading it throughout the world and finally throughout the Cosmos. I didn’t write it with the intention that other people would just take my word and follow my plan. I thought of it as something which might stimulate discussion and creative thinking in others. If enough people think and talk about how to reform democracy, a metamorphosis of thought might take place. A metamorphosis of collective ideas from many people could cause the emergence of a practical plan for democracy. I call my thesis, THE PROTOCOLS OF LIBERTY, the link to which is below.
The Protocols of Liberty

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