Barack Obama body double, is this rumor mongering or could there be some truth to it?!?!

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about Barack Obama’s presidency. Nevertheless, my disagreements with his policies are off set by my respect for some of his achievements. So I feel that I need to be balanced in reporting this. Yesterday on 12/17/13 an anonymous information source who has given me information in the past (he claims to be an Illuminati insider who is disillusioned with the Illuminati) told me that Barack Obama has an exact body double who looks virtually the same as him. I had a bad feeling when I was told this, a premonition if you will. I’ve received information from this anonymous source and his friends before, and they’ve turned out to be accurate in the past, but I’ve never really completely trusted them because they seem to have an unspoken agenda. I’m reporting on what they told me because I’m concerned that this might be the beginning of a smear campaign against Obama. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I WAS OFFERED NO PROOF THAT THIS RUMOR WAS TRUE. I was a professional fundraiser who worked on Obama’s first presidential election campaign from the day he announced until it was obvious to me that he was going to be the winner. I respect the fact that Barack Obama did a great deal to help put an end to America’s long history of racism. However I felt disappointed when he endorsed the policy of Too Big to Fail. The tragic results of this wrong minded bailout, first start by the Bush administration, are that our 10.6 Trillion dollar national debt which existed when Obama first took office was reported in Oct. 2013 to have grown to 16.7 Trillion dollars. Some experts believe that the debt may have doubled from the debt he inherited by the time he leaves office. I have mixed feelings about Obama Care as well. The bill that was passed is significantly different than what he promised in his campaign speeches. However it cannot be underestimated how important it is that people be not refused for health insurance because of preexisting conditions. Obama Care might actually save some lives. It may turn out that when Obama Care is enacted, it will be a good thing for the American people. It’s enactment may turn out to be something that enhances Obama’s approval. Only history will show if this is the case. My concern in hearing what I was told yesterday is this–it may happen that on the eve of Obama Care enactment all types of rumor mongering about Obama may take place as a distraction to the perceived success of Obama Care. There are legitimate criticisms about the Obama administration which can be made, but rumors that are unproven serve no purpose.
Having said that I want to point out that the idea that Obama might have a body double is nothing new. On the Telegraph, on 20 JAN 2009 Nick Allen reported that security experts had proposed the idea of using a body double for Obama during high risk photo ops where he was not to speak. Obama rejected the idea at that time because body doubles had been used for such purposes by dictators such as Saddam Hussein. Rumors of this sort surfaced again when an Indonesian photographer, Iham Anas, became a Barack look-a-like in ads.
On a more humorous note, I recall that Princess Amadala’s life was saved when her body double took a lazar bolt for her at the beginning of Star War’s episode III thus saving the Princess from assassination. I liked the fact that the Princess was an outspoken defender of democracy.
I have some ideas about democracy myself. I’ve written down these ideas in an article called THE PROTOCOLS OF LIBERTY, the link to which is below.
The Protocols of Liberty

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