Bankster Takeover Falling Apart: Pentagon Not Fully On Board

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh (who uncovered the Iraq prison torture scandal and the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam) revealed in the International Business Times that there is more evidence for the Syrian rebels than Assad being the culprits behind the sarin chemical weapons attack in Syria.

This has been known for some time.

What’s new is that Hersh says that the main reason Obama backed down from war wasn’t Putin’s brilliant chess move – or even the overwhelmingopposition of the American people to war.

Rather, Hersh says that it was strong opposition from a handful of patriotic Americans within the Pentagon which caused Obama to back down:

[Obama] didn’t do it [i.e. pull the plug on war with Syria] because the American people said no.  He [backed down] because he didn’t have a case.  And there was incredible opposition that will be, one of these days, written about, maybe in history books. There was incredible operation [sic] from some very, very strong-minded, constitutionally minded people in the Pentagon. That’s the real story.

Their program of bribery, blackmail and brainwashing hasn’t kept up with their schedule.  The system isn’t hierarchical enough to control, there are too many feedback loops because the elders haven’t been replaced fast enough.

They obviously need to step up their vaccination campaign in the military.  But it may be too late.  The resistance is becoming self-aware, and they must be wondering why the royalty are pushing for WWIII when the US hasn’t been investing in fallout shelters and food stores like russia and china have.  It’s because we’ve been deemed expendable, obviously.

Here we see on an institutional level why the family has been such a priority target for the destroyers.  The intergenerational feedback loops which are families represent a store of knowledge and child shelter that still create large numbers of autonomous, empathic and somewhat informed human beings who are naturally resistant to personal devastation and domination and can still self organize into politically potent groups (that’s where the empathy comes in).  The program requires complete subjugation on a psychological level.  There can be no room for concern for others if one is to be a drone.

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