Transparent Psyops On Display in 2 Recent Movies

So I found myself watching two mind-numbing eye-candy movies in a row last night, Olympus has Fallen and the new version of Red Dawn.   Both movies had two interesting aspects in common: the villans in both movies were working for north korea, and held that wall street and globalization were evil, implying that there’s something inherently patriotic about giving parasitical insolvent banks that already had a license to create money out of nothing free access to a bottomless pit of dollars to finance their bonuses and their ongoing campaign to export US jobs to slave shops abroad while lobbying washington to make it all perfectly legal.

It’s as if a movie vampire, after sucking the life out of his victim, suddenly held forth on the virtues of natural birth, supporting families, respecting babies and overthrowing the plutocracy.  Something doesn’t fit.  There’s an obvious propaganda agenda here which of course is rooted in the financial foundations of hollywood and the political agenda which results from that foundation.  Each film has multiple producers (5 and 4 respectively) and no one producer is involved in both films.  SEC secrecy laws prevent public disclosure of underlying ownership of these companies, which demonstrates yet another way in which secret forces can act with impunity in ways that affect public perceptions and policies.

There’s at least one bit of knowledge to be gleaned from this: the enemies of this country, who have already impoverished millions of americans and seriously undermined future possibilities for economic recovery, would like us to go to war with north korea and presumably its larger ally, china.  This agenda is manifest in obama’s “asian pivot” and recent US actions wrt the disputed islands claimed by both china and japan.

So let’s get this straight: after gutting the US economy and preparing the stage for the collapse of the US dollar, the secret oligarchy is pushing us to a disasterous war with the very country whose rise to power was financed and facilitated at the expense of the USA by those same secret interests.   Over a territorial dispute half way around the world, no less.  Clearly, the heart of modern warfare has nothing to do with national interests or military hardware.  The puppet masters are operating at a level above the public sphere.  The science of social control has developed to the point where the orchestration of national suicide is a real possibility.

It’s not hard to see what interests remain when ideology and national identity and even money are exposed as mere tools of social control in the hands of those that control them.   These are modern-day aristocrats, as depraved and predatory as anything that existed in the middle ages.  And that’s where they’re taking us back to.

On a more practical level, the aerial spraying and forcing of GMO food on us are telling indications that the end-game is upon us and it’s risky to entrust your health to strangers.  It’s never been more sensible to localize all your economic activity, most especially by avoiding restaurants whose ownership you can’t identify.

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