“The AMA will destroy me…” – my story and a film

Once upon a time, I had a friend named Dave. Dave was an oncologist, a doctor who treats cancer. Dave taught oncology at a medical school and was also a highly respected researcher who pulled in large research grants for the medical school.

Walking together on a crowded Seattle beach one rare sunny day in spring, I asked him to tell me about his research in simple terms that a layman could easily understand. He did just that, and when he was finished I clapped and jumped up and down because I knew his research was going to work.

“That’s great!” I said, “You’re going to find it!”

He looked at me quizzically and asked me how I knew. After all, I was not an oncologist myself, or even a doctor. But I was well-read and had devoured books on this subject throughout my adult years – after all, cancer is the scariest of possibilities and I felt I must be well-equipped to prevent it in my own life. I read enough to decipher the cancer code and felt confident that I would never succumb to the dreaded wasting disease.

And so I responded happily to his question, “How do you know that?”

“Because what you are describing is laetrile,” I said, confident that he would be grateful to know his work was solid as rock.

I was not prepared for what happened next. The color left his face and his feet took root on the beach, hands motionless at his side, eyes fixed blindly into the sky. Time seemed to stop. Seemingly silent figures floated by us, some drifting north, others drifting south.

After several minutes, he began to speak haltingly… “They’ll destroy me,” he said, over and over again… “They’ll destroy me.” At first I could not imagine what he was referring to.

It appeared he needed help returning to the here and now and so I finally did what I could to gently bring him back to the present time.

“Who?” I asked his vacant stare, “Who will destroy you?”

It appeared he could not hear my question. I waited. I watched. I asked again. And then he finally spoke.

“The AMA,” he said. “The AMA will destroy me.” I never saw such dread in a man’s eyes as were in his at that moment.

And yet I understood then, having long ago read how cancer-curing doctors had lost their lives, successful cancer clinics were forcibly closed, and solid gold reputations were smeared and obliterated by the giant bully of a labor union that ran the medical world with an iron fist… the American Medical Association – the AMA.

But that was not all. My friend then went on to explain how very personal this danger was for him.

Dave was not only an oncologist and an oncology researcher; he had also been on the team at the National Institute of Health (NIH) that had originally outlawed laetrile. He knew the consequences of claiming to find a cure for cancer. He knew how ruthless competition was in the halls of science.

He proceeded to tell me the story of how the team he was on had outlawed laetrile. It was very swift decision – and final. There was no research. There was no discussion.

This is what he described:

Several doctors sat around a large conference table. They all had plans to begin their work researching the powdery substance that sat in a small dish in the center of the table. This project promised to provide years of work for them all. But what happened next ended the conversation forever.

The head of the team, the chairman, entered the room and moved directly to the bowl of laetrile on the table. Moistening his finger in his mouth, he then dipped it in the bowl and put some of the substance on his tongue. Immediately he spat it out. “That’s cyanide!” he said authoritatively – and that was the end of the discussion.

That was all that was ever done or said about laetrile at the NIH. Laetrile was declared to be an illegal substance, forbidden for use on cancer. Other countries used it and still use it, for it works, but in the U.S., a decision had been made. It was dangerous for any medical career for a doctor to even breathe the word, laetrile.

So no, laetrile was not tested. Here, ten or twenty years later, my friend was well on the road to confirm the value of “nature’s cyanide”, laetrile.

As a result of the actions of the NIH team leader, millions upon millions have died painful, unnecessary deaths in the USA. There are many other cancer remedies that work as well as laetrile… but practitioners are targeted, persecuted and prosecuted by the AMA.

What I learned from my reading was that there is not “a” cure for cancer – there are many, many cures for cancer. And the science does not need to be all that complicated. Even a child can understand.

Just as like Vitamin C controls the symptoms of scurvy and Vitamin D controls rickets, Vitamin B17 – or laetrile – controls cell division, or cancer. Laetrile holds cell division in check. Laetrile can be recognized by its bitter flavor. The bitter flavor in any food blocks the growth of tumor cells. The bitter flavor (Vitamin B17) can be found in all beans, nuts, grains and greens… as well as some vegetables, such as cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and so on. B17 is the substance that keeps cancer cells from multiplying.

Every cancer remedy that works has at its root a bitter flavor: laetrile, essiac, cannabis flower tops, mistletoe, and a myriad of others. There is no lack of cancer remedies; there are numerous cures for cancer. And they can easily be incorporated in your daily diet. The problem for the medical industry is that if you eat your way to health, there is no financial profit for it. Medical and pharmaceutical interests require exclusivity, the ability to trademark and monopolize the cure. There is no cure, so far, in a chemistry lab, but there is in nature. Nature is kind. Nature is generous. Nature holds in its hand our health and our cure. Our world is far from natural and that is why there is so much illness. The god of our world is money and until and unless that changes, there will be no cure for cancer in the medical world.

When I discovered these simple facts, I simply decided to stop feeding cancer cells with sugar and to consume instead the bitter seeds from my apples and lemons and grapefruits and to eat my greens! I eat plenty of salads with fresh lemon juice, whole, raw apples, and dark green leafy vegetables. The ready availability of small, fresh, organic baby greens has been a boon for salad lovers. All those years ago, I had also asked Dave to check to see if garlic would kill cancer cells and he went to the trouble to test in his lab – and reported back to me that yes, garlic kills cancer cells! So I add a liberal amount of fresh, raw, organic garlic to my salads too.

Just as we humans avoid the bitter flavor, so do cancer cells; just as we humans prefer sweet flavors, so do cancer cells. In the US, we consume an overabundance of sweets, thereby creating making our bodies the perfect medium for cancer cell growth. Since we avoid the bitter flavor, we are deficient in the substance we need to prevent and reverse cancer growth. Our bodies need it all – sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and that “odd” flavor in raw potatoes and banana skins that contracts the tongue. Bodies do not flourish on highly processed, manufactured foods, genetically altered and rife with chemical pesticides and grown on depleted soils. They work well on simple, natural, organically grown foods.

Other important things to know about cancer cells: they die in an oxygen-rich environment and they thrive in an acidic medium. This is why food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and bicarbonate of soda (NaHCO3) are both effective remedies for cancers of all descriptions. Breathe deep, do what it takes for you to relax and breathe, and remember that lemons and greens make your body alkaline!

There is no need for anyone to die of cancer.

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