Russian White Army and the Resistance Against the Illuminati Doctrine (R.A.I.D.)

The Russian White Army was the resistance against the Former Soviet Unions Red Army. Some variation of this existed until the Soviet Union fell. During the days of the Soviet Union’s power however, the KGB would send out fake representatives of the White Army and use them to identify disloyal Soviet citizens. So if you were going to join the resistance movement against the Soviet Union, you had to be careful. But in the end it wasn’t military force that destroyed the Soviet Union, it was the realization by everyone that that system of government was unworkable that destroyed it.
By comparison, there has always been a resistance against the Illuminati Doctrine ever since its earliest days. President George Washington wrote a well documented letter to a friend in which they discuss the dangers of the Illuminati Doctrine and link it to the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. Although the Illuminati have managed to keep their mandate to remain invisible for most of last 237 years, their invisibility is being challenged, especially on the internet. Sometimes, Illuminati members pretending to be anti-Illumininati critics put out disinformation about the Illuminati. So research can be difficult. However, there are certain persons who have proven to have worthwhile insights into how the Illuminati works. People like David Icke, Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura–as well as others.
So I’ve been thinking that we need a name for this anti-Illuminati resistance. Something like Raid = (R.A.I.D.), which stands for Resistance Against the Illuminati Doctrine. I think that the symbol for this movement should be the symbol for the Planet Jupiter. This is because many Illuminati members use symbols for the Planet Saturn to represent Satan because Satan sounds like Saturn. However, in an old myth, the god Jupiter defeats the god Saturn and releases all of the children consumed by him. Jupiter is sometimes identified with Christ by those who analyze the meanings of symbols. So I think the symbol of Jupiter could be a way of turning the tables on those Illuminati members who use Saturn as a symbol for Satan.
It won’t be violent revolution that destroys the Illuminati, it will be the realization on the part of everyone that the Illuminati system of global government will never work.
Below is a link to a youtube video that I’ve made which explains some things about how the Illuminati Doctrine works.
There have also been some people in the Illuminati itself who after they join realize that they should not have, and they try to sabotage it from within. I knew of some persons like that when I was younger, but they are all deceased now. Some of these resisters against the Illuminati had developed a technique for helping the victims of Illuminati mind control, MK Ultra mind control, Monarch mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have given their form of therapy the name Fabian Therapy. The link to an article I’ve written about that type of therapy is below.

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