Plutocratic Hijacking of Symbols

The original symbol of the Illuminati was not the pyramid with the all seeing eye, it was the owl. Illuminati tactics require invisibility and the owl is a night creature. The Illuminati doesn’t create anything. They loot and plunder and take over institutions. This is why Adam Weishaupt called for the targeting of Freemasonic lodges. They take over an organization and put their own people at the top. The persons in the organization don’t even know they’ve been taken over. Many people think that the Great Seal of the United States is an Illuminati symbol. It was not originally an Illuminati symbol–but they have taken it over. Originally it was a symbol for an international democracy movement. Now it’s been taken over by a movement to create a global government of plutocrats. The Founding Fathers of America who were Freemasons were not Satanists, they were Christians who believed in democracy. The five pointed star on the flag was not originally a symbol for Satan, it was a symbol for the morning star, a symbol for light, hope and freedom. The wreath of victory was not originally a symbol for a totalitarian global government, it was a symbol for freedom. All of these positive symbols have been twisted around to represent something evil. The wealthiest 1%, the plutocrats, believe that their money should be able to buy anything. They can trade their worthless fiat money for anything they want. They take our land, our freedom, our prosperity and even our symbols. But I think it’s important for people to remember what these symbols originally stood for. They originally stood for democracy and freedom. People need to wake up to how the hijacking of our symbols, our country and our wealth is really being done. So when people understand how we’re being ripped off by the 1% we can start to turn things around. I created a youtube video which starts out as a parody of wealth seminars but goes into serious information about how these crooked plutocrats really get their wealth. The Link for this video is below.

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