BRAINWASHING: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

The following treatise on communist brainwashing, which has been published and republished since the 1930s, is an edited version of an actual textbook on Russian “psychopolitics.” It was used as a primer, here in America, to teach communist agents how to brainwash people, and, in fact, how to subvert entire populations. While the wording of this particular treatise and there are any number of them may or may not be completely authentic, two things are historically certain: 1) Such brainwashing activities really occurred, and 2) this volume accurately conveys the principles and techniques employed.

Today it is fashionable to consider the twin Soviet threats of the past nuclear attack, and subversion of America’s people and institutions as having been either exaggerated by the West, or downright imagined in the first place. Yet, ironically, the upheaval in the communist world is bringing with it startling revelations confirming many of the most serious accusations ever made against Moscow. For instance, two major books were recently published detailing for the first time Soviet complicity in Americas drug epidemic. It turns out that all those “paranoid, right wing” fears that the Soviets were intent on demoralizing America’s youth through drugs were well founded. For years, America’s liberal intelligentsia considered such notions as paranoid delusions.

An objective look at the state of America today her institutions, her socialistic political-economic drift, her young people’s values shows precisely the results that the Soviets, for decades, bragged they wanted to achieve. It is almost as though, while communism is dying (as a political system) throughout most of the world, the seeds of corruption it planted here in the U.S. have germinated and borne bitter fruit.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the following treatise on psychopolitics, and see whether the conditions predicted back then are not exactly what America faces today in the 1990’s. Consider the methods described herein the degradation of youth through sex and drugs, the seduction of this nation’s media, educational, and religious institutions, the discrediting of her leaders and decide tor yourself whether or not they are the very means that have been employed to accomplish these ends…

Download the pdf document and read much, much more. You will readily see the “communist” influence that has influenced the people of the USA. It really is a manual on how to create a fascistic, tyrannical state, not an economic system. Where did my America go?

Communism, like fascism, is a bankster psyop.

Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd on Corporate Foundations’ Agenda for Public Education

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