Success: The Controlled Demolition of Iraq

It should be instructive to observe how the empire (through its USA puppet) turned a modern, peaceful, properous, secular, highly educated society (though run by a US-installed dictator) into the ongoing catastrophe that it is today.  Divide and conquer is the order of the day, from the controlled demolition of the golden mosque by western forces to the false flag bombings of markets attributed to one islamic sect or another, in the context of the dismantling of every reminder of the country’s history and common purpose.  The US itself is ripe for such manipulation in every ethnic, socioeconomic, racial and political dimension.

US built ‘powerful organs of state terrorism’ in Iraq

Iraq is still suffering from the US invasion because the apparatus of state oppression and terror is still in place, killing people every day. But few in the US seem to realize the scale of the war crimes committed in Iraq, an expert author told RT.

In an exclusive interview with RT, Nicolas J.S. Davies, author of “Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq,” said that the world should learn the lessons from US invasions, such as respect for international law and the futility of military force.

For more on this topic, see RT’s Special Report dedicated to unprecedented raise of violence in Iraq in 2013.


Questionable US objectives in Iraq

RT:Has America achieved any of the goals it had at the beginning of the invasion in 2003?


Nicolas J.S. Davies: That depends how you define those goals. If the intention was to invade a foreign country and destroy its government and its society, then yes, it did.

If you take US officials at their word and accept that they had an intention of replacing that regime and that society with something better, then obviously they did not.

My friend was in Iraq a few months ago and he found very few people in Iraq today who would say that their lives are better now than under Saddam Hussein’s regime. And that is not to say good in any way about Saddam Hussein, it is to say that the United States and its allies destroyed Iraq.

The invasion was not just some sort of mistake. The invasion and occupation were a serious crime, a crime of aggression under the UN Charter as (then-Secretary General) Kofi Annan acknowledged. And aggression was defined under the Nuremberg principles and by the judges at Nuremberg as the supreme international crime….