Right now, the Illuminati/NWO global plutocracy seems to be set to take over the world. They have taken over all the key positions of power and have all their puppets dancing to their tune. But in the end they will fail. This was explained to me by an insider with the concept of conditional loyalty. Consider a group of men in a lifeboat. They feel loyalty to one another because of the psychological conditions placed upon them by their environment. They must cooperate and help one another. If they fight the boat will turn over and they all will drown. So they work together in synchrony to achieve their goal of rowing to a nearby island. But once they reach that island, the psychological conditions imposed upon them by their environment change and all of their conditional loyalty is lost. On the island they fight with one another for scraps of food. Eventually they kill each other off. This is how it is for the Illuminati globalist plutocracy. Right now it is the wealthiest 1% against the 99%. It is the Illuminati insiders against the clueless sheeple who still think that we live in a democracy. The most powerful Illuminati leaders have all worked hard to maintain their illusion of friendship for one another. They intermarry, go to the same parties, attend the same orgies, perform the same Luciferian rituals in secret chambers. But they have all built their power base on betrayal. They all ultimately intend to betray one another. If you are in the Illuminati, it is your leaders that you are loyal to who intend to betray you as soon as you cease to be useful to them. You may think that the unity of those who are in the cult will be maintained, but it won’t. This isn’t just a theory on my part. Illuminati insiders who have great data and tools of analysis have come to this conclusion. The Illuminati/NWO global plutocracy is a house of cards. It is the tower of babel. The higher you build it the harder it falls.

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