Many people seem feel that internet freedom will last forever. But if you are paying attention you know that this isn’t the case. They’ve allowed internet freedom so that the NSA can track people, now they know who are the Truthers and the activists. When the time is right, they intend to shut down the internet, they’ve given themselves this power. link-to-shtdown,internet
The reason I point this out is that I used to be a political fundraiser before I became disillusioned with partisan politics. There is a technique I know of that can be used even after mass media and internet dissemination is suppressed completely. And in fact, in terms of spreading information effectively and in terms of promoting activism, this technique works better. This is based on one to one personal communication between people. Many people are uncomfortable with this and prefer the anonymity of the internet. But face to face, one on one, communication is actually more powerful. There is a method I know of called C.U.T.E.–Contact, Understand, Target, and Educate. The process works like this: you CONTACT someone, that is, you talk with them directly. This could be after a lecture or in any social setting where a person might be willing to talk with you about politics. In talking with that person you ask questions about what they believe and their background; you do this until you come to UNDERSTAND what that person thinks and believes. Then you pick some subject that you have studied, something that you know about and which this person might be receptive to, in other words you TARGET an area of political information. Then you EDUCATE this person on that information. All of this may seem obvious, but actually it isn’t. What many people do is that they don’t contact anyone directly but just work through the internet and in doing so only reach people who believe what they believe. Also there is the problem of not listening to the other person. You have to understand the other person’s point of view before that person will be receptive to what you have to say. You might want to talk about 911 Truth, but the other person might not be receptive to that at all–however, she might be interested in GMO foods, and if you target that subject matter and get her interested, this could be the beginning of her awakening. In order to educate others, you have to have studied enough to be an educator. That means you have to have something worth teaching that others might not know. So think about this. Is all of your information contained on the internet. When it is shut down, will you be able to teach anything? You may need to make hard copies of information because the internet may be shut down, computers may be confiscated. The government has given itself these powers. I have some information that isn’t available anywhere except for this website. It a PDF that describes a technique that has been used successfully in the past to deprogram the victims of MK Ultra type mind control. It may be suppressed at some point. If you find this information interesting you may want to make copies and spread the word while you still can. Here is the link. LINK-TO-DEPROGRAMING,MKULTRA,PDF

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