I have great respect for the Chinese people and Chinese culture. But China’s present government is just another totalitarian state and in the end all of these fall apart. The idea that China is the new world’s superpower is false. Investing in China instead of the US is foolish.
You may have seen the 60 Mins. Story or other stories on mainstream media talking about the China’s ghost cities. These are large empty cities that look very modern, like they could be in the US or Europe. The explanations for why they are empty given by mainstream media don’t make sense. An Illuminati insider has told me that what’s really going on is that these are being built as an escape for wealthy Illuminati members in the US and Europe. There is a planned collapse of the US economy and the global economy that will cause mass starvation and riots. When this happens, foreign troops under the UN banner will invade the US and certain European cities. This is planned as a prelude to the creation of a global, NWO, government. Right before the collapse and UN invasion, wealthy Illuminati member will move to China into these prebuilt cities. However, one problem that some Illuminati members have found out is that these Ghost Cities of China have problems. Some buildings are empty shells. Many ghost buildings have no plumbing or electricity. They’ve been built to look good from the outside but won’t really be habitable when people try to live there. Some Illuminati insiders have come to realize that when they move to China they will simply be executed as a way for other Illuminati leaders to consolidate their power. Remember the old TV ad for Roach Motel extermination device. “Roaches move in but they don’t move out.” If you’re an Illuminati insider who’s planning to take refuge in one of these empty Ghost cities in China, you may find out that it’s nothing but an extermination trap for loyal Illuminati members who are no longer useful. If you’re an insider, you know what I’ve said about the planned genocide of the American people is true. But I can understand the doubt of non-Illuminati insiders about my explanation of China’s Ghost cities. There’s plenty of evidence that the Ghost Cities of China exist, but I can’t objectively prove any of the rumors that my insider contacts have told me. I can only say that my Illuminati insider contacts have been right in the past. A month before the Boston Marathon bombing they told me that something very public and bloody was going to happen around that time frame. So I have to take what they’ve said about the Ghost Cities seriously. If you are interested in defeating the Illuminati you don’t have to be passive and just wait for the UN invasion. I created a video on Youtube that explains how the Illuminati gets their great wealth. Check it out on the link below.
The Illuminati maintains power in part because they use mind control techniques. The worst of these techniques are trauma based mind control. Years ago I was helped by insiders resisting the Illuminati who developed scientific methods to help victims. I’ve named their method Fabian Therapy and I describe it in a PDF article the link to which is below.
The more people you communicate to about this the better. If you know therapists or psychologists they may find this information interesting. Send them a copy of the article and see what they think.

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