Human BioSludge Sold as ‘Organic’ Compost

If it was just human waste it would be bad enough (remember mad cow disease?)  But mixed in with industrial waste?  Is this really something you’d want to put on your garden?

Sewage sludge is “the wet solid cake produced after human, residential and industrial wastes are combined in wastewater treatment plants”.

Industrial companies need viable places to dump their waste products, and just as the fertilizer industry has found a market for fluoride waste in drinking water, the waste water industry has created a fertilizer market using sewer sludge as a cheap crop input.

This has become a booming business ever since ocean and waterway dumping — widely used by municipal waste departments for decades — was banned in 1992.

In fact, the EPA has helped promote the use of human waste as safe and beneficial, alongside two lobbying groups — the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) — who have rebranded it as “biosolids” and pushed it as a cheap fertilizer….

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