Culture of mind control

The above link is to a PDF which describes a method, I call Fabian, for deprogramming mind control victims. Fabian Therapy deals with trauma-based mind control. There are basically three levels of mind control which is imposed on society by the wealthy-elite/banksters/Illuminati/New World Order. First there is propaganda. This is basically the art of combining truth with falsehood in ways that the public will accept. The mass media has been consolidated into the hands of a few corporations which are controlled by the same group of billionaires. The politicians, Republican and Democrat, all preach the same doctrine when it comes to certain ideas such as the 9/11 false flag and Too Big To Fail. Second there is what I would call cognitive-disorder based mind control. This is where the mind’s ability to reason and evaluate is diminished through various factors. This type of mind control combines stress, sleep-deprivation and repetitive indoctrination. The person being brainwashed is awake, but his ability to evaluate the truthfulness of what he is being taught is diminished. This is how the Moonies brainwash their followers. This is what Jim Jones did to his followers at Jonestown. Then there is trama-based mind control. This is processes such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Monarch and MK Ultra mind control. Here the individual’s ego is compartmentalized through trauma and a new personality is programmed in. Deprogramming for this type of mind control is very difficult. All three types of mind control are used widely these days creating a culture of Sheeple. But what many people don’t realize is how widespread trauma-based mind control is. This is why I put out this article on Fabian Therapy. It may be suppressed at some point. Consider making copies and spreading the word around about while you can. You probably know someone who has been subjected to trauma-based mind control. You find MK Ultra type mind control being used on everyone in positions of power–politicians, corporate employees, religious followers, military personnel, government employees, media personalities and celebrities. And the victims of this type of mind control don’t consciously realize what has been done to them. But if some of them were successfully deprogrammed it could undermine the Illuminati’s ability to control our entire culture. There is some public awareness that trauma-based mind control is being used on celebrities. Rosanne Barr has the courage to speak out on all this. The following link is to an interview with her.
The idea that music and movie stars are Monarch mind control victims may make the Illuminati seem very hip and fashionable. But it is not. All of this mind control is designed to degrade and enslave. There is nothing cool about it. The Illuminati are on the verge of creating a collapse of the economy that will destroy the middle-class. They have kept us in continual warfare. They are systematically destroying the environment. They have a depopulation agenda which they covertly push with GMO foods, Chem Trails and psychiatric drugging. Their final goal is an all powerful one World government that will destroy all democracy and enslave the survivors of their global genocide. The Illuminati doctrine is the basis of what they do. I’ve made a video on youtube that talks of how to recognize and defeat this Illuminati doctrine. It’s link is below.

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