The above link is to a PDF which describes what I call Fabian Therapy, this is a therapy approach developed by scientists which can help the victims of Monarch and MK Ultra type mind control. This information may be suppressed, so you might want to make copies of it and spread the word while you can.
Alex Jones is one of the few journalists with the courage to report on certain events that are disturbing. Apparently nukes have been illegally removed from a base in TX and moved to South Carolina. This coincides with the removal of Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina and Maj. Gen. Michael Carey to be replaced with Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein. I don’t personally claim to know what is going on with all of this. However, I do know that there is a general trend to program persons in key positions in the military with Monarch mind control. This is trauma-based mind control that can be done by psychiatrists with certain training. The person doesn’t remember being mind controlled. This type of mind control is much more widespread than what most people think.
Personally I do believe that the defense of Israel is intrinsic to the defense of America. However I didn’t like Obama’s choice of words in saying that the defense of Israel was “sacrosanct” because the same Latin root word is found in both “sacrosanct” and “sacrifice” which means to make sacred through slaughter. Apparently some people love Israel so much that they want to slaughter its people in its defense. I don’t think the invasion of Iran at this time would necessarily make the people of Israel safer. It might place them at greater risk. Just something to think about.
Alex Jones has suggested the possibility that this moving around of nuke in the US is a way of holding the American people hostage. The idea is that if we don’t invade Iran a nuke will be used against Americans and this will be a false flag operation blamed on Iran. I don’t personally know anything about that, but sometime ago I did receive some insider information from some persons who believe in a plan for eventually restoring democracy in the US. Part of their plan involves amnesties for people in the government who have broken the law or committed treason; but I’ve been told that such amnesties become impossible if weapons of mass destruction are used against the American people in a false flag operation.
I also have a video on youtube that talks about how we can deprogram the Illuminati Doctrine that got us into this mess.

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