Conspiracy “Theorists”: The Last Revolutionaries

The last battlefield in the decline to serfdom is for the mind, so why should it be surprising that questions of objective reality and not minor differences in impotent and largely irrelevant ideologies are the characteristics that distinguish helpless sheep from free people?  Such is the social control exercised in this society that pointing out the physical impossibility (yes, impossibility) of spontaneous symmetrical free fall of multistory buildings, eyewitness accounts of rivers of molten metal and the discovery of unignited thermite in the ruins is met with uncomprehending stares and psychological profiling.  It’s no longer a question of fighting the other on some distant battlefield.  The other lives among us and camouflages themselves as kindred spirits.  Years from now when the WTC demolitions are a matter of public record people will still be on a psychological leash held by those who control mass culture.  People are simply not well designed to deal with subterfuge, they like their enemies to wear black hats.

A true scientist doesn’t throw away empirical evidence because it’s not explainable by current models of reality.  S/he re-evaluates those models and seeks the weaknesses in their foundation.  On reflection the weakness in the standard model of western democracy is clear to see: monopoly mass media controlled by financial scam artists with a known history of investing in war and mass murder.  Alternative models accounting for the high-level and closely aligned networking of these financial elites which is in evidence is the task of thinkers and model builders.  Discarding obvious questions about implausible cover stories is the opiate of sheep.

British establishment mouthpiece BBC leads the way again. This time it is about the biggest threat to democracy today. No, it is not terrorists. No, it is not Islamism. And, no, it is not the Western-Installed Dictator Regimes around the world. No, no, no, no, no. The new enemy is the conspiracy theorists. It is those who question their governments. It is those who find facts and confront the mainstream lies and liars such as BBC. Basically, it is you … and me.

Allow me to wade through all the fillers and present you with a few telling excerpts from this BBC report:

Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy?

The more information we have about what governments and corporations are up to the less we seem to trust them. Will conspiracy theories eventually destroy democracy?

Mr. Naughton is one of three lead investigators in a major new Cambridge University project to investigate the impact of conspiracy theories on democracy.

David Runciman, professor of politics at Cambridge University, the third principal investigator, is keen to explode the idea that most conspiracies are actually “cock-ups”.

“Actually the conspirators are often the paranoid and crazy conspiracy theorists, because in their attempt to cover up the cock-up they get drawn into a web in which their self-justification posits some giant conspiracy trying to expose their conspiracy. “And I think that’s consistently true through a lot of political scandals, Watergate included.”

He is also examining whether the push for greater openness and transparency in public life will fuel, rather than kill off, conspiracy theories… “It may be that one of the things conspiracy theories feed on as well as silence, is a surfeit of information. And when there is a mass of information out there, it becomes easier for people to find their way through to come to the conclusion they want to come to.

What are they really talking about? What are they really presenting? A few things.

1- Challenging official stories, no matter how the record and history proves them to be false or exaggerated, lowers trust in government and government officials. This is a threat to the establishment and their operations through states. Thus, this is a threat to democracy. That is, if you believe that the state, the government, represents democracy. It means government equals democracy, thus, you are challenging democracy every time you challenge your government and what your government is telling you.

2- These guys, these credible Cambridge professors, claim that openness, the internet, and greater information accessibility creates more conspiracies and conspiracy theorists.

3- Now, if you add item 2 to item 1, you get this: Openness and greater information accessibility leads to more conspiracies and increases the number of conspiracy theorists, and that my friend presents the greatest threat to our democracy today.

Wow. Oh, wow. I am not going to even bother with the logical fallacies imbedded in the points made by these distinguished professors. Of course I won’t bother with BBC and its reputation and consistency when it comes to representing the establishment. Instead, I am going to get down and check out the source of funding for these academic hit-men….

Human BioSludge Sold as ‘Organic’ Compost

If it was just human waste it would be bad enough (remember mad cow disease?)  But mixed in with industrial waste?  Is this really something you’d want to put on your garden?

Sewage sludge is “the wet solid cake produced after human, residential and industrial wastes are combined in wastewater treatment plants”.

Industrial companies need viable places to dump their waste products, and just as the fertilizer industry has found a market for fluoride waste in drinking water, the waste water industry has created a fertilizer market using sewer sludge as a cheap crop input.

This has become a booming business ever since ocean and waterway dumping — widely used by municipal waste departments for decades — was banned in 1992.

In fact, the EPA has helped promote the use of human waste as safe and beneficial, alongside two lobbying groups — the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) — who have rebranded it as “biosolids” and pushed it as a cheap fertilizer….