The Collapse: Setup for Phase 2

The money powers have been very methodical about trying to cover their tracks in creating the economic crisis.  Back during the 20s and 30s people were clueless enough to think that economic downturns were an inevitable consequence of “free markets”, but these days enough people are paying attention that if the fed simply removed money from circulation like it did in the 30’s (the cause of the great depression according to milton friedman and ben bernanke) people would know who to blame.  By deliberately blowing greenspan’s bubbles, culminating in the real estate bubble, they have arranged for clueless mortgage borrowers to take the fall for the 2008 bailout, at least among people who aren’t paying attention.  The intent of TPTB is obvious in retrospect, in W’s blockage of state investigations into lending fraud (see “Bush helped engineer subprime collapse” in the reference section) the rating agencies obviously fraudulent stamp of approval on the resultant securities – allowing them to thoroughly permeate and undermine every nook and cranny of the financial system, the “end game” memo discovered by greg palast ( ) , goldman sachs caught selling MBS’s while betting against them, and clinton’s push to unrealistically lower lending standards among the government sponsored mortgage lenders fannie mae and freddie mac, allowing fraudulently induced mortgages to be passed onto the government’s books, the stage was very carefully set for a crash, with the middle class to be framed for reckless borrowing.  It’s a lie, and friends shouldn’t let friends believe it.

Now, with obama’s national debt bubble blown to over 17 trillion, the congressional leadership is set to undermine confidence in US treasuries through the so-called “shutdown”.  This would be an ideal time for the money changers to utilize interest rate derivatives to drive up interest rates and create a panic, driving the US into insolvency while again framing the people for it, through the actions of their so-called elected “representatives.”  Again, just an act of god.  No one to blame but ourselves.   Unless you’re paying attention.

I’d be surprised if they passed up this opportunity.  Watch the interest rate derivatives market.

We need control of our monetary system NOW.  It’s still not too late.  See