US-Funded Militants Attack Suez Shipping, a Pretext for Invasion of Egypt

Ok, I don’t KNOW that they’re US funded militants, but who else would have the motivation to undermine the egyptian economy and pave the way for intervention by the “international community” to protect “vital shipping lanes”?  It’s pretty clear that the most recent coup was actually a counter-coup to overthrow the USA’s chosen puppet successor to mubarak.   That puppet was installed under the “arab spring” covert op orchestrated by the white house in response to rising resistance to mubarak among egyptians.  You can always tell who’s working for who by whether they invite in the IMF/WB mafia as both morsi and mubarak did.

What, you didn’t know the arab spring was orchestrated by western intelligence?  You haven’t been reading this blog.  Nothing is as it seems.

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