Syria: US Deception Trips Over Its Own Prior Atrocities

A photo taken by Marco di Lauro/AP in Iraq in 2003 was presented by US State Secretary Kerry on August 30, 2013 as evidence of “Assad’s chemical attack.”

… In summary, US, British and French services are 100% certain that the Syrian Arab army gassed an unknown number of civilians:

1. For this they would have used a new kind of old sarin gas that does not affect women.
2. For four days, the United States observed the preparing of the crime without intervening.
3. The day before use, the magic gas killed children who were kidnapped by jihadists two weeks earlier and more than 200 miles away.
4. These events are known through authentic films made and sometimes posted in advance on YouTube.
5. They are confirmed by a telephone interception produced ​​by the Israeli enemy.
6. Western secret services have a secret method for identifying sarin gas without having to culture human tissue.
7. As it would be the fifteenth such operation, the “régime” would have crossed a “red line ” and should be “punished” by bombing it to deprive it of its means of defense.

In international law, war propaganda is the most serious crime because it makes all other crimes possible.

These criminal idiots really have their act together don’t they.  We US taxpayers should be proud.

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