Satanists Normalizing Torture in the USA

When I say satanists I’m not talking about the cops, they’re living in the stanford prison experiment.  I’m talking about the money changers who pay off the bureaucrats to promulgate the “regulations” that make this stuff inevitable.  They know exactly what they’re doing, they’ve done for years in foreign countries.   They are the american aristocrat class who create, finance and control enemies on demand for power and profit, from hitler to binladen.  They need to create a police state to maintain control while they loot and destroy the economy.

  A Missouri Sheriff’s Department is testing electronic restraints called “Stun Cuffs,” which can deliver up to 80,000 volts to an inmate’s arm or leg by remote control….

The Stun Cuffs are more powerful than the electroshock weapon currently in use by police departments nationwide: the Taser.

Police Tasers send 50,000 volts and a few milliamps to its target and at least 500 people have died after being shot by them, either during their arrest or while in police custody.

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