Sandy Hook: Further Down the Rabbit Hole

First off, I don’t know for a fact that all the scenes depicted below are from sandy hook,  I’m not familiar with the area, although I’ve seen some of them before.  What I do know is how tenuous our grasp of reality really is given the state of the media.  I’m also convinced that there’s a concerted effort to demonise the 2nd amendment under false pretexts for some reason.  Censorship of the psych drug/massacre connection, ATF refusal to shut down gun dealers who knowingly sell to criminals, the “fast and furious” operation, massacres with disappearing accomplices (batman, sikh temple), and the overall behavior of the fascist-controlled mass media are all telling signs of an orchestrated agenda to confiscate guns.   Why?  Is it really about stopping violent crime?  Evidently not, since guns are more often used to stop violent crime than perpetrate it, and common sense says if you have a no-guns area like a school, it would be a magnet for crazies with guns. School principals used to have access to weapons, and I never heard of any of them going crazy.

We as a society have been privileged to live in domestic peace and security for so long we’ve forgotten what it’s like to live as much of the world’s population does, under constant threat of state or criminal sponsored death.  And of the two, state sponsored genocide is by far the biggest cause of death in the last century, most notoriously under the wall-street-funded nazi regime.   There are powerful monopolies and families behind the scenes in this country that never answer for their crimes.  What’s to stop them if they wanted to massacre americans?  Social inertia, that’s all.  We haven’t yet lapsed into an open police state, but we’re getting there.

The founders of this country were well acquainted with the deceptive, covert and violent tactics of oligarchies such as we live under today.  That’s why they put the 2nd amendment into the foundational document.  And let’s face it, economically we’ve already been sold down the river as our jobs have been shipped abroad.  Obviously the financial powers that arranged for our impoverishment don’t expect life to go on as usual in the USA, and equally obviously, they have prepared for the consequences of what they have done.  Frankly if it reaches a point where there’s armed confrontation we will have already lost the most important battle, the battle for democratic control in washington and an honest media.  What follows after that is anyone’s guess, but I suspect guns are going to play some kind of role.  Let’s not let things degrade to that point.  The “government” still has to maintain the appearance of acting in the national interest.  This is their biggest vulnerability.

I’m presenting these videos hoping the reader is past the point of denial.  Anyone who has honestly applied themselves to studying 9/11 from the standpoint of basic physics alone (if you don’t understand basic physics, learn it, it’s your patriotic duty) already understands the level of deception going on in the government and media and what it implies for the fascistic structure of power in this country.   Cast in a larger context of wholesale obstetrical abuse and brainwashing, toxic food, miseducation, goverment controlled drug running and the known history of wall street connections to mass murder in europe, southeast asia, indonesia and latin america, there’s little doubt in my mind of the intent of the elites.  If you’re not there already, just keep your mind open and remember that history repeats itself precisely because of the tenacity of the financial, political and self-perpetuating social processes which currently dominate this country against all humanitarian impulses.

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