The above link is to an article on deprogramming mind control victims of the Illuminati Monarch program, Satanic Ritual Abuse and the CIAs MK Ultra type mind control. This particular information has never been released before, and if you find it interesting you should make print outs and copies because it may be suppressed at some point. What this describes is a proven technique that has been used to help the victims on this type of extreme mind control. It really works, and people need to understand it. There is nothing funny about people being brainwashed into becoming mind control sex slaves. This really is a disturbing situation and to think that your tax dollars are going to do this. Sex slaves are used for the blackmail and control of politicians, the same politicians who are now selling out the middle class and destroying the American economy and constitution. Brice Taylor was interviewed by former FBI special agent Ted Gunderson about her experiences and she named names in a video that you can link to below.
Mind control can be thought of as taking place on two levels, there is the level of individual mind control and the level of mind control taking place in the entire culture. This all arises from a plan to take over the world which was conceived by Adam Weishaupt in the 1700s and used by international bankers like the Rothschild family. The ideas of this Illuminati doctrine have spread like a disease. This has become the basis of the Illuminati cult which exists among the super wealthy of generational billionaires. The Illuminati is behind the assassinations of presidents and leaders, they are at war with children, they impose circumcision on the population, they are behind all organized crime, they profit from drug selling and the drug war, they are systematically destroying the economy, they are destroying the environment, they are behind the false flags, they commit genocide, they feed us poisoned GMO foods, they have taken over the Federal government, they are destroying human health, they control the IRS, they have taken over the mass media, they control psychiatry, they have a cult of hard core Satanists who violently enforce their will, they withhold breakthroughs in science and technology, they are the wellspring of all Tyranny, they use vaccination to destroy health, and they engineer every war. Every issue we talk about on in this website and on the radio has a single source and that is the Illuminati doctrine. I talk about this in my video which can be linked to below.


  1. Whoever you are reading these words – if you have done any research whatsoever into the the history of the elite cults and mind control, you will invariably have discovered that sexual rituals of the most deviant kind have always been reported to play vital roles in both their cult practices and as a means by which they manipulate and control the public. If you are like most ordinary people, you may have found many of these stories hard to believe – you may have felt it was impossible for humans to desire such horrifying forms of sex or perhaps you found it hard to believe that these perversions and rituals were being performed so flagrantly that they are being repeatedly exposed to the general public. Perhaps you felt that stories of ritual orgies were so far fetched they could only have been made up by the mentally ill or teenagers “trolling” for juvenile amusement.

    No one can blame you for being skeptical. The horrible details of the Elite sex rituals boggle the minds of even very ‘worldly’ and ‘jaded’ secular citizens. But as you and everyone else reading this site can see day by day there is no longer any way to deny the obvious terrible truth: Deviant sex magick rituals are at the very core of what the Elite are about and They structure their entire system of control around these disgusting orgies.

    These are the key points that all must understand:

    1) The “Illuminated” use deviant, violent, group sexual rituals both as a core practice of their twisted faith and as a means to manipulate and control the world.

    2) The “Illuminati” have depended upon these sex magick rituals for the several thousand years they have gradually infiltrated and come to control most world institutions behind the scenes.

    3) The elite use the power of the human sex drive as a means of eliminating Free Will and controlling humans like puppets. This control ranges from the subtle – such as promoting inappropriate sexual arousal of people through provocative imagery and encouraging further vice – to the absolute, in which they are able to reprogram the mind through hidden Monarch control signals on the internet, in films, etc and then literally take control of the person’s body like a remote controlled toy in order to do anything the “Illuminated” wish…

    4) As the “Illuminati” have achieved almost total control over the past several hundred years, they have gradually increased the rate at which they promote deviant sexuality through society. At the same time they have increased the frequency and explicitness with which they taunt humanity with (increasingly obvious) evidence of their own existence. The reader need merely observe that 50 years ago nuclear families with sex only for procreation were the norm in most human cultures – even in most of Europe and the United States. But today – as anyone can see – perverse sex of every possible kind is celebrated everywhere. Celebrities compete to see who can promote more deviant sexual ideas the most rapidly. Every few months the bar drops a little lower. In just two generations most Western societies have gone from “Ozzie and Harriet” to decadent polysexual drug addicted BDSM fetishists. Most of the behavior and costumes of the celebrities documented on this web site would only have been found in police files or medical textbooks on sexual pathology only 30 years ago. Today it is the norm and those remaining societies that resist the Elite plan for Total Perversion are having it forced upon them anyway.

    5) The “Illuminated” flaunt their existence and flaunt their perversions before us. Why do they do this? They do this both because with near total control they have little to fear anymore, but even more importantly, They do this because they enjoy it – and because it serves to excite and sexually arouse humanity greatly – which in turn opens up the human subconscious to mind control programming. Every time an otherwise ordinary person gets a fleeting dark moment of sick desire as a result of “Illuminated” imagery, it is that much easier for that person’s brain to be infected with the hidden Monarch control programming that infects most everything today.

    6) Many people completely misunderstand mind control technology and the history of Monarch/MKULTRA projects. Many people believe that only a small number of celebrities and sex slaves have complete mind control performed on them – and that this Monarch programming requires access to the subject since early childhood and requires extensive physical/sexual trauma to take hold. None of this has been true for more than 30 years. The accounts you read online and in popular books are based on information leaked out decades ago. Modern day “Illuminati” technology is FAR in advance of the most advanced technology used by the CIA, KGB, etc. For years now they have had the ability to remotely program humans even more completely than the old MK programming taking years could ever do. They can now easily program almost anyone simply by feeding them hidden Monarch control code in the web pages they visit, the video games they play, the music they listen to, etc. They hide this programming EVERYWHERE – Christian media is at least as infected as hardcore pornography – frequently more infected for obvious reasons.

    7) The “Illuminated” remotely control the bodies of several MILLION people alive today. They can activate this control remotely AT ANY TIME simply by giving control signals online, etc. Once activated they have TOTAL control of the subject and completely override free will and all morality. These Monarch Sex Puppets are then used in ritual sex magick orgies in every possible and disgusting manner imaginable. They are both used as sex toys and made to use others (both “Illuminati” and unwilling victims – some in Monarch trance and some not) for extended periods before being returned to their homes and places of business and having all memories of the ritual sessions wiped.

    There are only two ways to protect yourself from being the next person dressed in that rabbit costume and used to multiple penetrate some other Monarch puppet dressed as Alice along with dozens of depraved “Illuminati” cultists in similar costumes. The first is to eliminate all opportunities for Monarch infection and control by disconnecting completely from all online activity, from consuming ANY movies/TV/music/games etc. The second is to thoroughly study the perversions that they are inflicting on you and your family and friends while you are in Monarch trance and using that knowledge to watch for the signs that you are being used in sex magick rituals.

    Humanity is truly “through the rabbit hole” and it can be difficult to accept how far we’ve come or the terrible things we must open our eyes to in order to protect ourselves. But unless you want to find images of yourself dressed as Alice and tied down in the pentagram as the white rabbit looms over you with his consecrated phallus of evil, you would be wise to heed this advice. Good luck to all of you!

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