9/11 Truth and Sherlock Holmes

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the TRUTH.” So said the great detective. Building Seven, which collapsed in a fashion consistent with controlled demolition on 9/11/01, was not hit with an airplane and had minimal damage compared to other close by structures. It is impossible for a steel frame building of that design to collapse due to ordinary fire. Numerous architects and engineers have attested that the fire that day could not have brought down Building Seven in the way that it was. What is left when you eliminate the impossible is controlled demolition. It is impossible for controlled demolition to have been set up in the building during the day of 9/11 with its chaotic events. It would have taken much more time than the hours between the time when the first plane hit and the time when Building Seven collapsed. The explosives had to have been placed in the building in the weeks prior to 9/11. Experts on controlled demolition have attested that this is how it works. It is a well known fact that Building Seven housed offices of the federal government for the IRS,CIA and Secret Service. Such offices can only be housed in buildings with very high security standards. It would have been impossible for anyone, except for persons authorized by the highest level of the government, to have breached such security and carefully planted the explosives. Therefore it is the TRUTH that persons of the highest level of authority in our own government were responsible for 9/11. I have written an article on how the CIA has used MK Ultra mind control to manipulate people. What is revealed in this article is information about how the victims of such mind control can be deprogrammed. This information has never been make public before. It’s link is below. If you find it interesting make print out and copies while you can because it may be suppressed.
There is also a related video I’ve done on youtube and its link is below.

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