AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST IS A LINK TO AN ARTICLE WHICH IF DISSEMINATED WIDELY COULD HELP DEFEAT THE ILLUMINATI AND HELP THEIR VICTIMS. LET ME EXPLAIN. Retired President George Washington wrote to a friend talking about the threat of the Illuminati Doctrine and how it had lead to the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. This Illuminati Doctrine are the ideas of the writer Adam Weishaupt who founded his failed group on May 1st, 1776. Although his group failed, his ideas lived on and unfortunately are influencing the world today. The seven most essential ideas are: ORDINARY PEOPLE ARE INCAPABLE OF SELF GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE RUN BY “ILLUMINATED” ARISTOCRATS, THE GOAL OF THE ILLUMINATI IS TO CREATE A SINGLE ALL POWERFUL GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, UNTIL THAT GOVERNMENT IS ALL POWERFUL THE ILLUMINATI MUST REMAIN INVISIBLE TO THE MASSES, THE IDEALISM OF CREATING A UTOPIAN GOVERNMENT BYPASSES MORAL RESTRAINTS OF THE ILLUMINATI MEMBERS THUS ALLOWING FOR CRIMINAL ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN IN SECRET, THE PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC LANDS AND RESOURCES IS THE PROCESS THROUGH WHICH THE ILLUMINATI TAKES OVER THE WORLD, & THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE ILLUMINATI IS LUCIFERIANISM BASED IN PART ON THE IDEAS OF FREEMASONRY. The mass media around the world has been taken over by the Illuminati which is why the general public fails to recognize its existance. link-to-media,consolidation
The Illuminati is the wealthiest one percent of the world. All superwealthy persons are knowingly or unknowingly linked to a secret society that constantly gives advantage to the super wealthy. The Illuminati is this secret society that serves the global plutocracy. The Illuminati is a criminal organization of violent Satanists who use murder, bribery, blackmail, sexual seduction, torture, brainwashing, money laundering, drug dealing and extortion to further the agenda of the Luciferian aristocrats. The Illuminati acts through corrupted government officials, corporations, and powerful non-profit organizations. Since the late 1700s the wealth of the world has been centralized into the hands of a small group of people. link-to-wealth,consolidation They not only intend to enslave all humanity, they intend to kill off most of humanity. They have a depopulation agenda. They are also a cult of brainwashed mind control members. They lack moral inhibitions that would prevent them from planning a worldwide genocide. link-to-depopulation,agenda However, they do have one Achille’s Heel. Many of their operatives have been brainwashed with techniques that are known as MK Ultra type mind control. I have written and article containing information on deprogramming the victims of Illuminati mind control. This information is presently only on links found in posts on this website. It’s information you won’t find anywhere else. It may be suppressed in the future because its existence does threaten the Illuminati’s plans. You can resist the Illuminati by making printouts and copies of this information contained through the link below. Send them to as many people as you can. Remember that the NSA monitors the internet. You can bypass their observation by using snail mail and with direct contact with other people. But you should use any means you have, internet or otherwise, to get this information out while this is still possible. If you know that the Illuminati exists and want to defy them, this is something you can do. Act now while this info is still available. link-to-deprograming, mindcontrol