The above link is to an article on deprogramming mind control victims of the Illuminati Monarch program, Satanic Ritual Abuse and the CIAs MK Ultra type mind control. This particular information has never been released before, and if you find it interesting you should make print outs and copies because it may be suppressed at some point. What this describes is a proven technique that has been used to help the victims on this type of extreme mind control. It really works, and people need to understand it. There is nothing funny about people being brainwashed into becoming mind control sex slaves. This really is a disturbing situation and to think that your tax dollars are going to do this. Sex slaves are used for the blackmail and control of politicians, the same politicians who are now selling out the middle class and destroying the American economy and constitution. Brice Taylor was interviewed by former FBI special agent Ted Gunderson about her experiences and she named names in a video that you can link to below.
Mind control can be thought of as taking place on two levels, there is the level of individual mind control and the level of mind control taking place in the entire culture. This all arises from a plan to take over the world which was conceived by Adam Weishaupt in the 1700s and used by international bankers like the Rothschild family. The ideas of this Illuminati doctrine have spread like a disease. This has become the basis of the Illuminati cult which exists among the super wealthy of generational billionaires. The Illuminati is behind the assassinations of presidents and leaders, they are at war with children, they impose circumcision on the population, they are behind all organized crime, they profit from drug selling and the drug war, they are systematically destroying the economy, they are destroying the environment, they are behind the false flags, they commit genocide, they feed us poisoned GMO foods, they have taken over the Federal government, they are destroying human health, they control the IRS, they have taken over the mass media, they control psychiatry, they have a cult of hard core Satanists who violently enforce their will, they withhold breakthroughs in science and technology, they are the wellspring of all Tyranny, they use vaccination to destroy health, and they engineer every war. Every issue we talk about on in this website and on the radio has a single source and that is the Illuminati doctrine. I talk about this in my video which can be linked to below.