cultural shock and MIND CONTROL


Above is a link to a pdf that describes a therapy system that has been used successfully to deprogram people from Illuminati Monarch mind control and CIA MK Ultra type brainwashing. I’m sure you’ve never seen this info before. If you do read it and feel it might be valuable you should make a print out and copies because it may someday be suppressed. When I was a child I was introduced to the Society of Lucifer and told that it was another culture, different from the mundane culture of ordinary people. A hidden world of wealth and power. Fitzgerald got it right in the Great Gatsby when he said, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” The way that they maintain their continual advantage is because they have a criminal organization, based on Luciferianism, which serves their interests. All of the superwealthy families have connection to it, and this is why they are able to systematically destroy and loot the middle class. A name for this cult is the Illuminati, but when I was a child, the people who I knew who were in it called it the Society of Lucifer. In those days if a reporter or politician threatened to reveal this culture he would be killed. These days the Illuminati doesn’t usually have to bother. The cultural shock of ordinary people keeps them from seeing the truth about what is going on. I’ve talked about the Illuminati before on the radio, and at first people seem interested, but the shock of the truth always seems to be too much and they go into denial. I’ve heard stories about remote tribes in places like South America who run into the modern world, and their response is to just deny what they are seeing–because they don’t have a cultural frame of reference to take it in. There is the story of a tribe who just couldn’t see the large sailing ship harbored off their coast, until a shaman came along one day and said, “What’s that?” Then they all could suddenly see it. That which is so alien that we don’t know how to comprehend it, becomes invisible. But this is a danger. By the time the average person accepts the truth about the Illuminati, it will be too late and you will all be slaves. One principle of Nazi propaganda was to tell a lie so big that it seems ridiculous, but to repeat that Big Lie until it becomes the truth in the mind of the public. The devil is so clever that he has been able to convince the whole world that he doesn’t exist. The Big Lie of the Illuminati is that it doesn’t exist. If you aren’t in shock and can deal with the truth, you can be like the shaman who points the way. I also have a video on youtube, below is its link
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