TOR Network Vulnerable to NSA

Following revelations of mass online surveillance and encryption backdoors installed by the National Security Agency, some users have flocked to the Tor router service – although experts warn that it may not be as secure as once thought.

Tor, short for “The Onion Router,” has experienced a major uptick in subscribers since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked details about the US government’s vast internet surveillance programs. …

Unfortunately for the thousands of people who rely on Tor, many of the devices they use to connect to its servers could still be infiltrated by the NSA. This is partly due to only 10 percent of Tor servers using its latest iteration which boasts stronger cryptography.

Rob Graham, the CEO of penetration testing firm Errata Security, told Ars Technica that he ran a “hostile” exit node on Tor and found that 76 percent of the nearly 23,000 connections he tracked used a form of the 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman key.

The NSA’s exact capabilities have yet to be made public, but most security experts assume the agency could easily crack the key Graham observed.

Everyone seems to agree that if anything, the NSA can break 1024 RSA/DH keys,” Graham wrote in a blog post. “Assuming no ‘breakthroughs,’ the NSA can spend $1 billion on custom chips that can break such a key in a few hours. We know the NSA builds custom chips, they’ve got fairly public deals with IBM foundries to build chips.”

He also advised users to take responsibility for themselves by consistently updating their Tor software package and thoroughly reading through NSA documents that have been made public.

Of course, this is just guessing about the NSA’s capabilities,” Graham continued. “As it turns out, the newer elliptical keys may turn out to be relatively easier to crack than people thought, meaning that older software may in fact be more secure.”

It has been made public that the Department of Defense provided Tor with $876,099 in 2012 – a sum large enough to make up 40 percent of the project’s $2 million budget. Other government donors included the US State Department and the National Science Foundation.

Though the NSA itself is housed under the Department of Defense, Tor’s executive director Andrew Lewman has said that the intelligence agency has not requested a backdoor into the system.

The parts of the US and Swedish governments that fund us through contracts want to see strong privacy and anonymity exist on the Internet in the future,” Lewman explain in an email to customers, as quoted by The Washington Post. “Don’t assume that ‘the government’ is one coherent entity with one mindset.”

Of course there are multiple mindsets, the question is which ones are dominant.  That has already been answered, to my satisfaction anyway.

Corporate Partners of NSA Plead Ignorance

Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google expressed unease Friday about the National Security Agency’s ability to bypass online security systems that protect the privacy of internet users. …

_NSAKEY was a variable name discovered in Windows NT 4Service Pack 5 (which had been released unstripped of its symbolic debugging data) in August 1999 by Andrew D. Fernandes of Cryptonym Corporation. That variable contained a 1024-bit public key. …

Any network service protected by a public key can be accessed by whoever has the corresponding secret key.

US-Funded Militants Attack Suez Shipping, a Pretext for Invasion of Egypt

Ok, I don’t KNOW that they’re US funded militants, but who else would have the motivation to undermine the egyptian economy and pave the way for intervention by the “international community” to protect “vital shipping lanes”?  It’s pretty clear that the most recent coup was actually a counter-coup to overthrow the USA’s chosen puppet successor to mubarak.   That puppet was installed under the “arab spring” covert op orchestrated by the white house in response to rising resistance to mubarak among egyptians.  You can always tell who’s working for who by whether they invite in the IMF/WB mafia as both morsi and mubarak did.

What, you didn’t know the arab spring was orchestrated by western intelligence?  You haven’t been reading this blog.  Nothing is as it seems.

Questions Arise as to Defense Contractor Involvement in Syrian Gas Attack

Amidst mounting concerns about the genesis of the Syrian chemical attack of 8/21, a new player has entered the stage — a Colorado-based defense contractor named TechWise. The trail to TechWise begins with the recent disclosure of anonymously hacked military emails that were posted to Pastebin, involving conversations between Colonel Anthony MacDonald (now retired) and a shadowy DoD employee named Eugene Furst, as well as communications between MacDonald’s wife, Jennifer and a friend. These emails show insider knowledge of the chemical attacks in Syria. The MacDonald/Furst emails show Furst congratulating MacDonald on 8/22 of his “success” in a recent operation then linking to a Washington Post article on the Syrian chemical attack. The emails are copied here:
—–Original Message—– From: AJMacDonald [mailto: ajmacd*******] Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:31 PM To: Furst, Eugene P CIV (US) Subject: Re: Follow-up, 20130820 As you see I’m far from this now, but I know our guys did their best. I enjoyed catching-up with you. Hope to see you soon again. Sincerely, Jamie On Aug 22, 2013, at 2:14 PM, “Furst, Eugene P CIV (US)” eugene********> wrote: You’re exactly right. We have to work with both theater on the requirement and the organization that owns the contract to ensure we don’t have too few or too many contractors. CITP – Rock Island Contract CIAT – DIA Contract By the way, saw your latest success, my congratulations. Good job. Regards, -Gene The emails between MacDonald’s wife, Jennifer and a friend named Mary Shapiro show Jennifer MacDonald reassuring her friend that her husband “comforted her,” telling her that the (Syrian) “kids weren’t hurt, it was done for cameras.” …

Let me get this straight: his wife was reassured that his intentional deception of the world in order to usher in an invasion and inevitable mass murder was ok because allegedly no one was hurt?   This is some kind of moral autism, the kind that will facilitate mass murder if the empire declares open warfare on the american people.

Vietnam, Syria and the Bankster’s Business Model: Murdering Future Generations

Saigon does not exist anymore. It became Quarter 1 of Ho Chi Minh City following the most spectacular defeat of Western Imperialism.

I met American veterans there. Invariably, they kept referring to the city as Saigon. I did not meet any of them at the War Remnants Museum, which is not far from what was South Vietnam’s Presidential Palace.

Asian museums are not run according to Western ideals. Yet, even among them, the War Remnants Museum sticks out due to the nature of its exhibition. Americans avoided it, I run out after seeing a few deformed fetuses kept in giant jars. The unborn babies were the lucky victims of the American chemical attack with Agent Orange.

The unlucky victims spent their days crawling on the streets asking for alms.

American governments have always claimed that their vicious chemical attacks didn’t violate the Chemical Weapons Convention since Agent Orange is technically a defoliant. The text quoted in the footnotes, belongs to one of the most widely accepted international conventions, and shows that the claim can be considered neither valid nor serious.

If it were valid, anybody could claim that slipping Agent Orange into the coffee of an American is as legal as the American chemical attack on Vietnam. President Obama probably won’t accept this interpretation. I don’t.

The Agent Orange attack on Vietnam was a flagrant, purposeful, public violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention by the United States of America.

Recurring Aggressor
“My solution to the problem would be to tell them (the North Vietnamese) frankly that they’ve got to draw in their horns …, or we ‘re going to bomb them back into the Stone Age.”
Horned Curtis Lemay, Commander of the Strategic Air Command, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, November 25, 1965
He, a chemical weapons aggressor, lost the war.
The Agent Orange Book Of The DeadThe attack on Vietnam wasn’t the first instance in which American used weapons of mass destruction (the massive extension of Agent Orange attacks and the numbers of its victims exceeds the following example). The most bestial attack with weapons of mass destruction was conducted by the USA Government on Japan, when it dropped two atomic bombs on civilians.Crimes against humanity are defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum as events that “are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.”

These crimes are not isolated or sporadic events but are part either of a government policy or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. Isolated events are defined as war crimes or violations of human rights. The perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy in order to bear responsibility for their crimes.

The short list of crimes includes murder, extermination, torture, rape, political, racial, or religious persecution and any other inhumane act. This is defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, signed in Rome, on July 17, 1998.

This is even before commenting on the genocide perpetrated against America’s landowners.++

The USA Government has clearly perpetrated crimes against humanity.

“If You Speak Out, I Will Blame and Bomb You!”

One expects from such a violent organization to at least keep silent. Can you imagine Genghis Khan pursuing his victims in court accusing them of attempting to defend themselves?

Yet, the USA is unable to stop attacking….

In recent weeks, we are witnessing a coordinated effort by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and their ally Israel to promote an international attack on Syria, like those on Iraq. This time it would be called the Grandmother of All Battles.

The argument is based on a chemical attack perpetrated by the Western backed mercenaries in an attempt to escalate the war after it became clear that they are losing it. Russian President Putin blamed them; Israel acknowledged that Assad is winning (See 911 Obama Bombs Syria and Kerry’s 1400 Lies).

Yesterday, September 6, 2013, Obama tried to gain support to his Grandmother of All Battles’s War during a G20 meeting in Russia. He failed. He left with the same few supporters he had before his travel. Most of the world opposes America’s aggressiveness.

He didn’t understand the hint. On the same day, he published his Weekly Address: Calling for Limited Military Action in Syria, another violent speech promoting world wide wrath. Next week a special speech announcing an attack on Syria is expected.

Mr. Obama, you are Commander in Chief of the world’s most aggressive army, and President of a few large corporations violating the rights of hundreds of millions of people void of rights. You must have wars in order to distract your slaves of their conditions and to keep your war-based economy alive.

Mr. Obama, are you aware that invariably, shameful Americans hide their identity while abroad? “I am from Bermuda, Canada, New Zealand,” I have heard them saying. After a short talk, they disclose the truth: they are ashamed of being citizens of the USA….

The USA is a colonized country.  We should not confuse american citizenship with american puppethood.  Most americans are ignorant of their own foreign policy because they’re kept that way by their ocupiers.  Those that aren’t ignorant and still participate have mental issues, some serious, most dating to their childhood growing up under a eugenics regime that robbed them of their joy.  Everything starts at the beginning, and the beginning has been delegated to the “experts” of american obstetrical medicine and american education.  Circumcision itself meets the definition of being a “particularly odious offense in that [it] constitutes a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.”

The empire’s main enemy, and thus its main targets, are those it pretends to serve.

The CFR Regime Stands Exposed to the World as War Criminals and Liars

Why the “CFR” regime?  Because that’s the common factor in every administration since nixon.  It’s the permanent fixture of washington, the north star of american foreign (and increasingly, domestic) policy.  The CFR represents the wall street banks that have been looting this country for over a century.  It’s the biggest sacred cow in washington, the interest group no politician dares to slight.  Money, even stolen money, buys respectability.

Does the American public have the strength of character to face the fact that the US government stands before the entire world revealed as a collection of war criminals who lie every time that they open their mouth? Will Congress and the American public buy the White House lie that they must support war criminals and liars or “America will lose face”?

The obama regime’s lies are so transparent and blatant that the cautious, diplomatic President Putin of Russia lost his patience and stated the fact that we all already know: John Kerry is a liar. Putin said: “This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them [the Americans], and we assume they are decent people, but he [Kerry] is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad.”

When Secretary of State Colin Powell was sent by the criminal bush regime to lie to the UN, Powell and his chief of staff claim that Powell did not know he was lying. It did not occur to the Secretary of State that the White House would send him to the UN to start a war that killed, maimed, and dispossessed millions of Iraqis on the basis of total lies.

The despicable John Kerry knows that he is lying. Here is the American Secretary of State, and obama, the puppet president, knowingly lying to the world. There is not a shred of integrity in the US government. No respect for truth, justice, morality or human life. Here are two people so evil that they want to repeat in Syria what the bush war criminals did in Iraq.

How can the American people and their representatives in Congress tolerate these extraordinary criminals? Why are not obama and John Kerry impeached? The obama regime has every quality of Nazi Germany and Stasi Communist Germany, only that the obama regime is worse. The obama regime spies on the entire world and lies about it. The obama regime is fully engaged in killing people in seven countries, a murderous rampage that not even Hitler attempted.

Whether the criminal obama regime can purchase the collaboration of Congress and the European puppet states in a transparent war crime will soon be decided. The decision will determine the fate of the world.

As for facts, the report released to the UN by the Russian government concludes that the weapons used in chemical attacks in Syria are similar to the weapons in the hands of al-Nusra and are different from the weapons known to be possessed by Syria.

The obama regime has released no evidence to the UN. This is because the criminal regime has no evidence, only made up fairy tales.

If the obama regime had any evidence, the evidence would have been released to British Prime Minister david cameron to enable him to carry the vote of Parliament. In the absence of evidence, cameron had to admit to Parliament that he had no evidence, only a belief that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons. Parliament told Washington’s puppet that the British people were not going to war on the basis of the Prime Minister’s unsubstantiated belief.

Are the American people and the rest of the world just going to stand there, sucking their thumbs, while a new Nazi State rises in Washington?

Congress must vote down the war and make it clear to obama that if he defies the constitutional power of Congress he will be impeached.  If the US Congress is too corrupt or incompetent to do its duty, the rest of the world must join the UN General Secretary and the President of Russia and declare that unilateral military aggression by the US government is a war crime, and that the war criminal US government will be isolated in the international community. Any of its members caught traveling abroad will be arrested and turned over to the Hague for trial.

Syrian Proxy Puppets Boasted of Access to Nerve Gas in 2012

In the name of science: Experimenting on and sexually impairing nonconsenting babies

At Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, more than 200 babies are being circumcised in a study to determine which circumcision clamp, the Gomco or the Mogen, is “better.” How are they determining this? By looking at which clamp results in fewer blood-soaked bandages, and by looking at expressions of pain on babies’ faces!

This “research” is a heinous violation of medical ethics and human rights. Babies are being cruelly subjected to an unconscionable medical experiment—all in service to the shareholders of a medical instrument company seeking to profit from bad science to sell more circumcision tools.

On October 3, 2013, we will be hosting a press conference and demonstration outside Good Samaritan Hospital, where Intact America will present the following letter. Our goal is to collect 10,000 signatures, and with your help, we can do it! Please add your signature and pass this on. These “researchers” need to know that conducting pain and bleeding experiments on babies is cruel, unscientific, and WRONG! …