How Celebrity Music STARS ARE BRAINWASHED to be sex slaves

You may have noticed how insane the music scene has become with pop music. The deaths of Michael Jackson and others, the weird behavior and videos. And don’t forget all the weird symbols, the pyramid, the single eye and the references made to Satanism in movies and music videos. I have some information you’ve never heard of before. First there is an article that describes a technique that deprograms the victims of the Illuminati’s Monarch mind control, the CIAs MK Ultra type mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse. This information hasn’t been released before, if you find it interesting, make copies and print outs, it may be suppressed. Here is it’s link.
Once you overcome your denial and realize that the Illuminati does exist and is not going to disappear on its own, you may wonder how to defeat it–I have a video that talks about that. Its link is below.

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