Shaken baby syndrome? Or vaccine-induced meningitis-encephalitis?

A baby has died. There is bleeding inside the brain, bleeding behind the eyes, and swelling inside the brain. Many of these cases have been blamed on Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Yet the theory that these injuries can be produced by shaking a child has never been proven. To the contrary, biomechanics prove that it is not possible to manually shake a child with enough force to cause those symptoms.

Another cause of the triad of injuries associated with SBS is vaccine-induced meningitis/encephalitis, a severe reaction to vaccinations. And one researcher found that in every single case of SBS, the symptoms appeared shortly after the baby’s vaccinations.

Many parents or caregivers have been intimidated into “confessing” to killing the baby via the commonly used 9-step ‘Reid Technique’ police interview (detailed in the article linked to, below). In short, an innocent, grieving parent is often railroaded into confessing to the murder of their child – doubling the tragedy.

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