Scientocracy: science of democracy #4

(The word “Scientocracy” is a neologism, but I intend to define it as the science of democracy. Technocracy is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the hierarchal, global plutocracy. Scientocracy is the cure for the social illness caused by Technocracy. A scientific activist is someone who applies Scientocracy to politics.) The Kubler-Ross model for the 5 stages of grief is a widely recognized tool of psychology. It describes the states a person dramatizes when experiencing a profound loss. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance. This concept also explains the stages that a person must go through in becoming a scientific activist. Citizens in our country grow up believing that we live in a nation served by its government. However, if you are courageously informed you eventually become aware that our federal government is actually hostile to the American people. For many, 9/11 truth was the wake-up call to this fact. As a truther becomes more informed he or she realizes that our government has been taken over by a type of global government. This New World Order/Illuminati global government uses banks, corporations and non-profit institutions to impose the will of the 1% plutocracy on the rest of the world. As a truther realizes that this New World Order is basically evil, he or she feels a sense of loss–a kind of death of innocence. I’ve gone through these 5 stages of grief and I’ve seen others go through them. Mental health requires that you not become stuck in any of the stages of grief, but that you achieve calm acceptance of the truth. A majority of U.S. citizens are still stuck in denial. Others who become stuck in anger may buy guns and plot violent revolution. But violence is futile because the New World Order controls the military and police and they know how to swiftly deal with violent resistance. Some truthers become stuck in the idea that you can work within the system and bargain for change. There is the idea that some corporations are good and if you support them they will change things for the better. But such corporations can always be bought out or undermined by the NWO. You may think that you can use your vote as a bargaining chip, if you just elect different politicians they will bring about change. But remember what happened with “hope and change.” On a federal level the government is owned by Wall Street and the NWO–this should be obvious. So when you give up hope for the existing system of government–you become depressed–but if you get stuck in depression (or take psychiatric drugs) you become frozen and ineffective. But once you accept the truth you can then become effective in changing the world for the better. The people’s desire for democracy isn’t dead even thou it has been rendered ineffective on a federal level. Democracy can be reasserted in America, and when it is reasserted it will be a more effective and stable form of democracy. Another truth which must be accepted is that the New World Order/Illuminati is destined to fail. If you do enough research this too becomes obvious. For reasons of internal entropy it will destroy itself. Angry, violent revolution isn’t necessary. As the hierarchal, plutocratic system fails–democracy can be systematically reasserted. This is the mission of Scientocracy.

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