Scientocracy: science of democracy #7

There are three main rules to joining the Illuminati secret society: 1. Complete secrecy, 2. obedience to their hierarchy, and 3. no division among members. This being the case one might think that there would be no chance of Illuminati members betraying one another. They may betray all outsiders, but not each other. However, joining the Illuminati isn’t like joining an exclusive country club–it’s like entering a prison from which there is no escape. The leadership of the Illuminati are generationally wealthy aristocrats who really just use those who are below them in the hierarchy. You can’t rise up into the hierarchy, you have to be born into it. Think of the prisoner dilemma in game’s theory. The prisoners always betray each other even when there really isn’t a reason to. The lower ranking Illuminati aren’t loyal to each other. Anyone steps out of line and he gets reported to the hierarchy. The way that the generationally wealthy get that way isn’t by being hard working or smart but through the Judas Principle; this means that you get other people to trust you then you betray them when it is most profitable to do so. The movie, SOCIAL NETWORK, tells the story of a young man who becomes a billionaire by systematically betraying his friends and anyone he partners with. The betrayals of the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers are legendary. And the power of the New World Order/Illuminati is based on betrayal. Freemasons are told that when the New World Order becomes an all powerful world government, they will be the favored insiders. But there are plans to betray the Freemasons when the time is right. The same is true of every group that cooperates with the New World Order agenda. The Jewish people will be the chosen ones, the muslims will take over the world, China will become the new world superpower, conservative Christians will spread the gospel to all corners of the world, atheistic communism will be the new world paradigm, Luciferians of the world unite. Everyone is lied to by the New World Order. Even the high ranking wealthy aristocrats all have plans to betray each other, even thou they all act like friends now. You may have noticed that the so called 1% movement was funded by wealthy interests. This is because it was a psy-op. The way to prevent division among the wealthy is to get them to think that the other 99% is out to get them. Therefore all the wealthy have to pull their wagons into a circle and be loyal to one another. But this is a false paradigm. The real threat to the wealthy isn’t the middle-class or the poor. The real threat to the average multi-millionaire is the inbred, generational billionaires whose wealth is built on betrayal and whose power is based in criminal secret societies. Even the members of the Committee, the all powerful rulers of the New World Order/Illuminati must in the end betray each other. They are like persons in a lifeboat who because of the necessity of their situation are loyal and cooperative with one another. But when their situation changes, as it must, their loyalty to each other will end. This is the problem of internal entropy within the ruling elite. The secrecy and amorality which has become the basis of their great power cannot help but to destroy them in the end. This isn’t just wishful thinking on my part–this is more than a theory–it is a mathematical certainty that the New World Order/Illuminati will destroy itself. I have enough insider information to know that this is the unavoidable fate of the New World Order empire–powerful thou it is right now. Even the most intelligent members of the Committee know this to be true. This global plutocracy will systematically fall apart. In order to save civilization, effective democracies must be reasserted into the wake of the failing plutocracy. This is where the Scientific Activist comes in. Scientocracy can be used to awaken people to the harm caused by the global plutocracy, and it can be used to build up effective democracies. I understand why some people don’t like the term Scientocracy. They fear it will be a soulless form of democracy based on amoral, atheistic scientism. But I don’t believe in Scientism. I believe in God. I just know from history that Religionism can’t be an effective form of government. People of differing faiths can work together to create a moral form of secular democracy. We may all conceive of God in different ways, but all who love God have good hearts, and people of good heart can make democracy work. Science doesn’t have all the answers. But science does create useful tools. The Technocrats serve their plutocratic masters using some of these tools. The Scientific Activist needs to use the tools of science to make international democracy work. This is the high purpose of Scientocracy. There is information in the behavioral sciences that can be applied in benevolent ways. Neurology, biology, and quantum physics give insight into the interconnection of all human beings and the interdependence of all life. Computer technology can be used to create new disciplines of political science in which the problems of running a large democracy can be solved. Consider the potentials of game’s theory, chaos theory, complexity theory, and other new mathematical disciplines. Stop and think for a moment what happened after the fall of the empire created by Alexander the Great; instead of a single unified empire, a collection of independent nations emerged in the regions once conquered by Alexander. But these independent nations remained interconnected through trade and cultural exchange. This resulted in one of the most creative cultural eras in the history of the world. After the fall of the New World Order/Illuminati, there will also be the potential to create an era of positive internationalism based on a standardized form of benevolent democracy. A science of democracy (whether or not it is called Scientocracy) will be essential to creating such a world.

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