Scientocracy: science of democracy #6

(The word “Scienctocracy” is a neologism–but I intend to define its common usage as being the science of democracy. Scientocracy opposes the practice of Technocracy which is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the present day hierarchal plutocracy. A Scientific Activist is someone who applies Scientocracy to politics.) Malthusian population regulation comes from Malthus who had a simple equation to indicate the threat of population growth: Humanity’s growth is exponential (1-2-4-8) while food production growth is arithmetical (1-2-3-4). Over time Malthusian theories have become more complex and Malthusian solutions have tended to become more draconian. Malthus himself thought that delaying marriage and encouraging abstinence might be solutions. Some Malthusian techniques are benevolent and should be continued–such as birth control education and tolerance of gay relationships. However, the New World Order/Illuminati have encouraged their Malthusian Technocrats to wage a covert war against human populations and human reproductive health. Today we have the intentional as well as the accidental pollution of the environment which results in human infertility. Food and water are intentionally made to be toxic. Never-ending wars and famine are intentionally engineered by banking cartels. The pathetic justification that the Technocrats make for such draconian policies is that population growth is responsible for the destruction of the environment. However, if you honestly analyze all the data, you must realize that the actual threat to the natural environment comes from the toxic economic system promoted by the hierarchal plutocracy of globalism. The seven billion people on the planet today would not be a threat to the environment if human behavior and lifestyle was in harmony with the Gaian ecosystem. It is easier to control seven billion people than to kill off six and a half billion people. The Technocratic depopulation agenda is unscientific. The present day economic system is designed solely to maintain the wealth and power of less than 1% of the population. It is this centralization of power that is the single greatest threat to the survival of the ecosystem. The plutocratic hierarchy believes that it is “too big to fail,” but in reality it is “too parasitic to survive.” What needs to happen now is an organized decentralization of wealth and production. International trade must be converted to localization. Economies must shift from international to regional. Manufacturing and food production must go from global to local. All this would rapidly decrease energy waste. It would also systematically take the New World Order out of the loop. It would mean the end of the international corporations rule over the world. Wealthy entrepreneurs would have to become more sophisticated in the investment of their capital if they expect to maintain their prosperity. The opulence of the wealthy can’t be guaranteed anymore. Food production must go from industrialized to sustainable which would make it more worker intensive. Manufacturing would have to be non-poluting, fully recyclable and without planned obsolescence. This would require higher use of computer intelligence, minimized use of mechanical devises and greater utilization of human resources. This would decrease unemployment to the point where it really would not exist. Individual self-reliance would be encouraged rather than discouraged by the state. A technique of Scientocracy would be to regulate population size to its optimum Gaian level by using qualified parenting; this means that government financial support would only go to qualified parents who have proven their psychological fitness to parent effectively. This would discourage unqualified persons from having children and help control population size; it would also increase the quality of human character. Most problems of antisocial and criminal behavior arise from dysfunctional parenting. The Scientific Activists who run the governments of the future must operate a system that is decentralized, freed from corruption, limited in power and much, much more intelligent than the present system.

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