Scientocracy: science of democracy #5

(The word “Scientocracy is a neologism–but I intend to define it as the science of democracy. It opposes Technocracy which is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the present day hierarchal plutocracy. A Scientific Activist applies Scientocracy to politics.) The philosophical basis of all Technocracy is Social Darwinism. This pormotes the idea that society should be based on the survival of the strongest. Natural Selectrion is thought of as a universal principle applying to all life and society. Although the name “Social Darwinism” has been somewhat discredited, its ideas continue on under different names such as Austrian School economics or Chicago School economics. Social Darwinism is the unacknowledged basis of the New World Order. It is the justification for military exploitation and the worship of greed. It promotes the idea that the generationally wealthy are superior genetically to the poor. Thus the wealthy may feel morally justified in exploiting the poor or even depopulating the poor as they are perceived as a genetically inferior class of humans. However, advanced biological theory has shown that Darwin’s Natural Selection theory is not the universal principle it was once thought to be. For example, Natural Selection can’t explain the origins of life. The most advanced biologists have come to realize that DNA is an emergent property of quantum consciousness–and therefore the mechanism of Natural Selection does not apply. Darwin’s understanding of cellular function is now seen as being archaic. It turns out that cells are more sophisticated than he imagined; they are made up of components designed to have irreducible complexity. Which means that they couldn’t be the product of the processes of Natural Selection which require varying mutations of system until a successful mutation is manifested. There’s no room for mutation with irreducible complexity. It turns out that the Great Architect of the universe isn’t the mechanical processes of Natural Selection and random cosmic processes–the Great Architect is instead found in quantum consciousness with its universal field of intelligence which manifests on a subatomic level. Darwin’s theories are radically modified by these new advanced insights, yet the overly simplistic thinking of Darwinism is still used by the Technocrats that run corporations, non-proifit institutions and governments. Natural Selection may explain why a giraffe has a longer neck than its ancestors, but it doesn’t explain the origins of life or the complexity of cells–and it certainly doesn’t even begin to explain human society. Darwin’s ideas must be rejected as universal principles. However, if a contemporary biologist tries to do research which disproves Darwinian ideas, he loses his funding. If a contemporary biology teacher tries to question Darwinism in the classroom, he is fired. This is because Darwinism is really a political and economic theory that supports the contemporary global plutocracy. Scientocracy, in contrast, must be based on the understanding of the quantum interconnection of all things and upon Gaian theory. So named for the Earth goddess Gaia–Gaian theory shows that all life forms in nature work in harmony to create the conditions that make life on Earth possible. THE SCIENTIFIC ACTIVIST MUST REJECT SOCIAL DARWINISM IN FAVOR OF SOCIAL GAIANISM. Symbiotic relationships are more valuable to survival than competition. Survival of the most synergetic is the Gaian motto. The Technocrats support a parasitic system. All parasites die in the end, either when they kill the host they depend upon–or their host rejects them. This is the fate of the New World Order. This global corporatocracy will be forced to evolve into a system that serves humanity and the natural world–or it will be rejected as emerging democracies become strong enough to reject it. Scientocracy must be a philosophy that promotes harmony within human society as well as a harmony of humanity with the natural world.

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