Scientocracy: science of democracy #3

A democracy is only as good as the values of its people. A corrupt and decadent people will create a corrupt and decadent democratic government. Fortunately, ordinary people are basically good. However the present day plutocratic Technnocracy is doing everything it can to destroy the basic values of the American people. The corporate giants who own the media are subjecting the American people to an assault of programming designed to destroy their values. The music industry and movie industry bombards the public with images of sexual obsession and graphic violence. Greed and selfishness are the only attitudes expressed. The public is being sold on the philosophy of materialism and consumerism. At the present time, the most powerful people in the world happen to be those without any real moral character. All they believe in is greed and power. Their sociopathic attitude of absolute selfishness and materialism is being imposed upon the public by the media technocrats. In contrast to this, Scientocracy must become concerned with the use of media to reinforce positive values. The founders of the United States were centered in values. They believed in Christian-Judaic morality and they had a strong work-ethic. They drew from masonic values of self-improvement and interfaith spirituality. They studied the practical and ancient democracy of the Iroquois Indians who believed in a balance of political power and a harmony with nature. And the founders of this nation believed in the power of truth to heal the sickness caused by falsehood. Scientocracy must first become a media movement. It must be the science of using media to promote truthful information which enlightens the public. Plutocratic Technocracy uses behavioral science to manipulate the public with propaganda. Democratic Scientocracy must use a knowledge of the mind to educate people and reawaken them to their own natural moral character.

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