Interview with Former Soviet KGB Whistleblower

It’s always interesting to see how other tyrannies functioned to provide clues to what’s going on in your own.  Bezmenov’s starry-eyed picture of the USA also provides insights into the see-saw effects of propaganda as one lie after another falls to the wayside.   History matters because it repeats and it repeats because the same systemic and institutional processes transcend eras and regions.  There are also surprising gems to be found, such as the fact that banks in the USSR were allowed to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it. (  In this seemingly universal monetary system, money is analogous to a digestive enzyme which is emitted by an amoeba to dissolve its prey before both enzyme and prey are absorbed into the larger system.  Is it surprising that we have ever-increasing wealth disparity?  The system is designed that way.

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