Here we go again: Puppetmasters Prepare New False Flag Attack

This is silly.  They’re going for broke on this one before their credibility goes to zero.  Al qaeda is their puppet so obviously they know when and where this supposed attack is going to be.  In groping around for likely dates, I asked Kerth if there are any dates of satanic significance coming up.   He says the nearest satanic festival is around september 7-8, called the marriage of the beast, when high level initiates become full-fledged members of the cult.  So, indulging in some (maybe not so wild) speculation that “they” are satanists, staging the attack on or about this date would serve two purposes that I can think of.  For high level insiders, it would be a convenient time to reward them for their service.  For the fools on the periphery of the organization who are aware of the festival, it would demonstrate the power and impunity of their masters and help cement their loyalty.   If the attack is staged on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, it would drive home the power of the terrorists to the population at large.   In any case, having a warning of impending attack without being able to stop it would serve their PR purposes well by justifying increased spending and emphasis on “security”.  (their security, not ours obviously)

Given the economic situation, a new attack would also be a convenient time to pull the rug out from under the markets in order to blame the terrorists (not the banksters) for causing the resultant crash.  The chaos would provide another justification for a crackdown in the name of security.

It makes sense that satanism would be the logical organizational and philosophical framework for using tricks and deception to rule the world.  Aside from providing a license to pillage and plunder, satanic rituals and blood sacrifices could furnish lots of video footage and other evidence that could be used to blackmail members into obedience and create a feeling of mystical power and shared criminality to reinforce internal ties and alienate them from the rest of the human race, all useful for internal control purposes.

In any case, it seems the ceremony is about to begin:

Still reading the tea leaves, here’s another interesting data point:

Obviously this is a message of some kind, most likely to peripheral players, perhaps mind controlled slaves/moles who would normally be out of daily contact with their masters but were programmed to watch baseball games for signals.  It could easily be a post-hypnotic trigger for acting out some kind of programming.   Kerth says they’re all masonic symbols.  The variation on the medical symbol at the upper left is interesting.  The hourglass at the lower right corner, presumably the end of the “sentence”, is a reference to time or perhaps some specific time.  Who knows.  It’s pretty tedious reading between the lies of this cabal, but I guess someone has to do it.

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