Fraud becoming rampant in scientific research papers, study shows

Researchers say it’s still rare, but fraud in scientific research is climbing at an alarming rate nonetheless. What’s more, according to a new study which has documented the trend, researchers can’t say why it’s happening.

An examination of retractions in medical and biological peer-reviewed publications and journals found the percentage of studies withdrawn due to fraud or suspected fraud has increased dramatically since the mid-1970s, The Associated Press reported recently, citing data from the study.

In 1976, there were fewer than 10 fraud retractions for every one million studies published; by 2007, fraud retractions had grown to 96 per one million, the study found.

Becoming rampant??   There are entire medical specialties (such as psychiatry) that are founded on fraud.  Circumcision is fraud.  Assurances about the safety of vaccination are fraud.  Absence of teaching about the importance of proper nutrition in medical schools is self-serving fraud, as is forced back-birthing.

American medicine has gotten a free pass for long enough, methinks.

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