Birth: What the Robber Baron Foundations and ACOG Don’t Want You to Know

The obvious intent in abandoning centuries of common knowledge and common sense about the umbilical cord is to produce generations of IQ-impaired and alienated (disempowered) people. Tyranny starts at birth in this country. This is not a theory.  If what I’m saying is false, let them prove it by providing a plausible explanation for their stupidity.   Plausible deniability doesn’t cut it.  We need accountability.  A jury of our peers, fully informed of the history of eugenics and the funding for medical institutions and education in this country, would agree.  There is no other conceivable explanation for “professionals” to neglect obvious realities about what babies need, realities that are taught in veterinary school.  We have a known motive and a known plan.  Doctors are being brainwashed by the robber-baron medical educations they receive.   We’re living under a eugenics regime and have been for decades.   See