How to Overthrow an Elected Government

With bribery being a primary tool of political subversion, one can see how “politics” comes naturally to the masters of money.  One can imagine what’s probably going on in this country today. But one needn’t guess. By their acts you will know them.

The real masterstroke occurred later, after Iran began veering out of control and the brainiacs at the CIA decided to appropriate fundamentalist islam  as a political force in iran and later, afghanistan, bosnia, the USA, libya, sudan and syria.  My guess is 99% of the so-called “al qaeda” don’t know who they’re really working for.

BTW: British Petroleum’s role in the deliberate destruction of the gulf food supply via corexit raises questions of the british secret government’s relationship with the obama admin and the destruction of the united states.  I imagine letting go of their colony in america didn’t come easily.  Institutions never forget.