Wise Woman: Darcia Narvaez

Every young parent needs to listen to what this researcher has discovered about early child care and its influence on adult happiness and compassion.  This is the science that american obstetrical medicine adamantly refuses to implement in their birth protocols, with a definite political/social control agenda reflective of the interests of the robber baron foundations that founded the major medical societies.  Obstetrical abuse is a form of brainwashing, the quickest path to slavery.  The personal is profoundly political.

Child rearing practices of distant ancestors foster morality, compassion in kids

Today’s [thought crime radio] guest is Notre Dame Psychology Professor Darcia Narvaez.  Her studies show a relationship between child rearing practices common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies (how we humans have spent about 99 percent of our history) and better mental health, greater empathy and conscience development, and higher intelligence in children.

“Our research shows that the roots of moral functioning form early in life, in infancy, and depend on the affective quality of family and community support,” says Narvaez, who specializes in the moral and character development of children.

The three studies include an observational study of the practices of parents of three-year-olds, a longitudinal study of how certain child rearing practices relate to child outcomes in a national child abuse prevention project, and a comparison study of parenting practices between mothers in the U.S. and China. The longitudinal study examined data from the research of another Notre Dame psychologist, John Borkowski, who specializes in the impact of child abuse and neglect on development.

The results of Narvaez’ three studies as well as those from researchers around the world were presented at a conference at Notre Dame in October 2010, titled “Human Nature and Early Experience: Addressing the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness.”

“The way we raise our children today in this country is increasingly depriving them of the practices that lead to well being and a moral sense,” she says.

Narvaez identifies six characteristics of child rearing that were common to our distant ancestors:

  • Lots of positive touch – as in no spanking – but nearly constant carrying, cuddling and holding;
  • Prompt response to baby’s fusses and cries. You can’t “spoil” a baby. This means meeting a child’s needs before they get upset and the brain is flooded with toxic chemicals. “Warm, responsive caregiving like this keeps the infant’s brain calm in the years it is forming its personality and response to the world,” Narvaez says.
  • Breastfeeding, ideally 2 to 5 years. A child’s immune system isn’t fully formed until age 6 and breast milk provides its building blocks.
  • Multiple adult caregivers – people beyond mom and dad who also love the child.
  • Free play with multi-age playmates. Studies show that kids who don’t play enough are more likely to have ADHDand other mental health issues.
  • Natural childbirth, which provides mothers with the hormone boosts that give the energy to care for a newborn.

See also, Why Do Kids Who Are Held and Cuddled Become More Empathetic Adults? at TIME.com

Darcia’s Psychology Today blog “Moral Landscapes” can be read here.

Her ND website is: http://www3.nd.edu/~dnarvaez/

TCR podcast is here: http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/janel/TCR110530.mp3

Interview with Former Soviet KGB Whistleblower

It’s always interesting to see how other tyrannies functioned to provide clues to what’s going on in your own.  Bezmenov’s starry-eyed picture of the USA also provides insights into the see-saw effects of propaganda as one lie after another falls to the wayside.   History matters because it repeats and it repeats because the same systemic and institutional processes transcend eras and regions.  There are also surprising gems to be found, such as the fact that banks in the USSR were allowed to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it. (http://www.monetary.org/intro-to-monetary-reform/faqs)  In this seemingly universal monetary system, money is analogous to a digestive enzyme which is emitted by an amoeba to dissolve its prey before both enzyme and prey are absorbed into the larger system.  Is it surprising that we have ever-increasing wealth disparity?  The system is designed that way.

The Industrial Waste In Your Drinking Water

This is certainly on par with the federal reserve/fractional banking/sovereign debt scam.  Imagine turning crap into gold.   That’s what they’ve done, purely through psychology.  Also see the interview with Paul Connett in the podcasts and the links about fluoridation near the bottom of the reference section.

“In early August, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to decide on a petition to change the source of fluoride in US drinking water.

Currently, the source of fluoride in most public water supplies is fluorosilicic acid, according to government records. The petition calls for the EPA to instead require the use of pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride in water fluoridation, which is the addition of fluoride to drinking water for the purpose of preventing cavities.

Fluorosilicic acid is often contaminated with arsenic, and recent research has linked the arsenic from fluorosilicic acid in drinking water to as many as 1,800 extra cases of cancer yearly in the United States…”


If we have to pay to drink poison at least let it be pure poison, not mixed in with other poisons.