American Nuclear Power Fizzles, Pops, Smolders

Even though the American government has done everything possible to encourage nuclear power – by wholly subsidizing nuclear power, reducing safety standards after Fukushima, forcing Japan to re-start its nuclear program, covering up the severity of the Fukushima accident, raising acceptable radiation limits and agreeing to buy radioactive Japanese seafood – the so-called “nuclear renaissance” is over in the U.S. (and worldwide).

Duke Energy charged its ratepayers $1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear power plant in Florida, and then pulled the plug … and refused to refund the money to its ratepayers.

An attempt to secretly ramp up production at the San Onofre plant in California caused massive problems at the plant.  An internal letter reveals that the plant operator knew of defects at the crippled reactors … but misled federal regulators to get and expedited license.  A judge has now permanently shut down the plant.

Virtually all other American nuclear rectors have suffered problem after problem, and plans for new plans have been mothballed.

The problem is that America’s nuclear reactors are old … and are falling apart piece by piece.

But – even after the Fukushima meltdown – regulators have reduced safety standards.

The Nuclear Regulator Commission say that the risk of a major meltdown at U.S. nuclear reactors is much higher than it was at Fukushima (and Fukushima is worse than ever.)…

We’ve sounded the alarm for years that a large solar flare – like the one we had in 1859 – could cause worldwide nuclear meltdowns … and numerous other problems.

2 weeks ago, we just barely dodged the bullet.

Washington Examiner reports:

The earth barely missed taking a massive solar punch in the teeth two weeks ago, an “electromagnetic pulse” so big that it could have knocked out power, cars and iPhones throughout the United States….

It would cost a pittance to protect our nuclear plants from such a flare.

But it’s hard to get politicians’ attention when they’re focused on throwing money at corporate welfare queens, insane military and security boondoggles and pork, harmful quantitative easingunnecessarynuclear subsidies,  the failed war on drugs, and other frivolities.

Accountant Priesthood to Enforce New Bankster Tyranny in Detroit

Invoking the unquestionable power of arithmetic, even to manage fraudulent “debt”, is an innovative appeal to mystical authority for the superstitious sheep among the clueless public.  In an earlier era TPTB would be demanding blood sacrifices to appease the gods.

The bankruptcy of Detroit is being widely cited in the media as a model for the use of unelected officials and bankruptcy courts to rip up agreements and impose sweeping cuts on the pensions and health benefits of public employees, not only in Detroit, but in cities across the United States.

The Obama administration has rejected any federal aid to ameliorate the financial crisis of Detroit and counter the effort of state and city officials, fronting for the banks and bondholders, to use bankruptcy to gut workers’ benefits. This makes it clear that the Detroit bankruptcy is part of a broader nationwide policy that is being coordinated by the White House.

The attack on public workers is increasingly accompanied by claims that the crisis of Detroit demonstrates the unviability of democratic procedures, including elections. The financial collapse of the former center of global auto production is not, according to multiple commentators, an expression of the decay of American capitalism, but rather of a “failure of governance,” which can be reversed only by more authoritarian forms of rule and more direct political control by the banks and corporations.

The ruling class is well aware that its economic policies will provoke mass social opposition. It is preparing to meet this threat by means of repression and violence.

The current issue of Time magazine features a front-page photo of Detroit’s Renaissance Center with the headline “Is Your City Next?” The magazine notes that the bankruptcy of Detroit “will bring many changes in the way local governments function and cities grow.”

It continues: “While the broader re-rating of municipal debt that’s very likely to happen down the pike would increase borrowing costs and reduce the amount of money all cities can raise through bond issuance, it might also prompt many to shift their growth models, rein in unsustainable labor costs and partner in more innovative ways with the private sector…”

The same theme is taken up by the British Economist, which writes that Detroit is a “flashing warning light on America’s fiscal dashboard,” and adds that “many other state and city governments across America have made impossible-to-keep promises to do with pensions and health care.”

Financial Times commentator John Dizard writes that the gutting of workers’ benefits at the state and local level will become the model for the dismantling of Social Security. “The Supreme Court has already ruled that social security benefits, unlike Treasury bills and bonds, are not full faith and credit obligations of the federal government,” he writes. “Constitutional lawyers already know this; soon members of the public will as well.” …

CIA in Full Lockdown Over Benghazi Gate

The CIA is attempting to control the Benghazi story by forcing agency employees to sign nondisclosure agreements. The five employees, Fox News reported on Friday, had already signed similar agreements prior to the attack on the embassy building in Benghazi, Libya, last September. The attack killed four Americans, including ambassador Christopher Stevens.

In addition to nondisclosures, CIA employees were subjected to polygraph examinations on a monthly basis.

On Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that the network “uncovered exclusive new information about what is allegedly happening at the CIA,” including word that “dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret.”

The CIA is doing all it can to make sure the truth never comes to light. CNN characterizes the effort as unprecedented….

As to be expected, the establishment media has not reported the truth about what happened in Benghazi and why the CIA is scrambling to deep six the story.

In 2011, Ambassador Stevens was appointed to be the Obama administration’s liaison with the “budding Libyan opposition,” according to ABC News. Stevens and the State Department worked directly with Abdelhakim Belhadj of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Belhadj has direct connections to al-Qaeda, Washington’s Blog pointed out on May 9, 2013.

On May 8, as a number of Benghazi cover stories were rising to the surface thanks to coverage by the corporate media, we reported the real story – the murder of Stevens wasn’t about a lame anti-Muslim video, as the media theatrically insisted, but was connected to an arms shipment destined for CIA mercenaries in Syria.

During an interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, radio talk show host John Baxter said the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus had nothing to do with an extramarital affair with his biographer, reserve Army officer Paula Broadwell, but was related to U.S. policy in the Middle East, ongoing “color revolutions” in the region, and specifically the operation underway to arm al-Qaeda in Syria and overthrow the al-Assad regime….

Here we go again: Puppetmasters Prepare New False Flag Attack

This is silly.  They’re going for broke on this one before their credibility goes to zero.  Al qaeda is their puppet so obviously they know when and where this supposed attack is going to be.  In groping around for likely dates, I asked Kerth if there are any dates of satanic significance coming up.   He says the nearest satanic festival is around september 7-8, called the marriage of the beast, when high level initiates become full-fledged members of the cult.  So, indulging in some (maybe not so wild) speculation that “they” are satanists, staging the attack on or about this date would serve two purposes that I can think of.  For high level insiders, it would be a convenient time to reward them for their service.  For the fools on the periphery of the organization who are aware of the festival, it would demonstrate the power and impunity of their masters and help cement their loyalty.   If the attack is staged on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, it would drive home the power of the terrorists to the population at large.   In any case, having a warning of impending attack without being able to stop it would serve their PR purposes well by justifying increased spending and emphasis on “security”.  (their security, not ours obviously)

Given the economic situation, a new attack would also be a convenient time to pull the rug out from under the markets in order to blame the terrorists (not the banksters) for causing the resultant crash.  The chaos would provide another justification for a crackdown in the name of security.

It makes sense that satanism would be the logical organizational and philosophical framework for using tricks and deception to rule the world.  Aside from providing a license to pillage and plunder, satanic rituals and blood sacrifices could furnish lots of video footage and other evidence that could be used to blackmail members into obedience and create a feeling of mystical power and shared criminality to reinforce internal ties and alienate them from the rest of the human race, all useful for internal control purposes.

In any case, it seems the ceremony is about to begin:

Still reading the tea leaves, here’s another interesting data point:

Obviously this is a message of some kind, most likely to peripheral players, perhaps mind controlled slaves/moles who would normally be out of daily contact with their masters but were programmed to watch baseball games for signals.  It could easily be a post-hypnotic trigger for acting out some kind of programming.   Kerth says they’re all masonic symbols.  The variation on the medical symbol at the upper left is interesting.  The hourglass at the lower right corner, presumably the end of the “sentence”, is a reference to time or perhaps some specific time.  Who knows.  It’s pretty tedious reading between the lies of this cabal, but I guess someone has to do it.

Scientocracy: science of democracy #6

(The word “Scienctocracy” is a neologism–but I intend to define its common usage as being the science of democracy. Scientocracy opposes the practice of Technocracy which is the use of behavioral science and economics to give advantage to the present day hierarchal plutocracy. A Scientific Activist is someone who applies Scientocracy to politics.) Malthusian population regulation comes from Malthus who had a simple equation to indicate the threat of population growth: Humanity’s growth is exponential (1-2-4-8) while food production growth is arithmetical (1-2-3-4). Over time Malthusian theories have become more complex and Malthusian solutions have tended to become more draconian. Malthus himself thought that delaying marriage and encouraging abstinence might be solutions. Some Malthusian techniques are benevolent and should be continued–such as birth control education and tolerance of gay relationships. However, the New World Order/Illuminati have encouraged their Malthusian Technocrats to wage a covert war against human populations and human reproductive health. Today we have the intentional as well as the accidental pollution of the environment which results in human infertility. Food and water are intentionally made to be toxic. Never-ending wars and famine are intentionally engineered by banking cartels. The pathetic justification that the Technocrats make for such draconian policies is that population growth is responsible for the destruction of the environment. However, if you honestly analyze all the data, you must realize that the actual threat to the natural environment comes from the toxic economic system promoted by the hierarchal plutocracy of globalism. The seven billion people on the planet today would not be a threat to the environment if human behavior and lifestyle was in harmony with the Gaian ecosystem. It is easier to control seven billion people than to kill off six and a half billion people. The Technocratic depopulation agenda is unscientific. The present day economic system is designed solely to maintain the wealth and power of less than 1% of the population. It is this centralization of power that is the single greatest threat to the survival of the ecosystem. The plutocratic hierarchy believes that it is “too big to fail,” but in reality it is “too parasitic to survive.” What needs to happen now is an organized decentralization of wealth and production. International trade must be converted to localization. Economies must shift from international to regional. Manufacturing and food production must go from global to local. All this would rapidly decrease energy waste. It would also systematically take the New World Order out of the loop. It would mean the end of the international corporations rule over the world. Wealthy entrepreneurs would have to become more sophisticated in the investment of their capital if they expect to maintain their prosperity. The opulence of the wealthy can’t be guaranteed anymore. Food production must go from industrialized to sustainable which would make it more worker intensive. Manufacturing would have to be non-poluting, fully recyclable and without planned obsolescence. This would require higher use of computer intelligence, minimized use of mechanical devises and greater utilization of human resources. This would decrease unemployment to the point where it really would not exist. Individual self-reliance would be encouraged rather than discouraged by the state. A technique of Scientocracy would be to regulate population size to its optimum Gaian level by using qualified parenting; this means that government financial support would only go to qualified parents who have proven their psychological fitness to parent effectively. This would discourage unqualified persons from having children and help control population size; it would also increase the quality of human character. Most problems of antisocial and criminal behavior arise from dysfunctional parenting. The Scientific Activists who run the governments of the future must operate a system that is decentralized, freed from corruption, limited in power and much, much more intelligent than the present system.