The Leveraged Buyout of the USA

Something very strange is happening to Detroit.  Once upon a time, it was the center of American manufacturing and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.  But now the city is dying and the Chinese are moving in to pick up the pieces.  Lured by news stories that proclaim that you can buy homes in Detroit for as little as one dollar, Chinese investors are eagerly gobbling up properties.  In some cases, this is happening dozens of properties at a time.  Not only that, according to the New York Times “dozes of companies from China” are investing in businesses and establishing a presence in the Detroit area.  If this continues, will Detroit eventually become a city that is heavily dominated by China? …

Of course this is not just happening in Detroit.  The truth is that the Chinese are buying up real estate, businesses and natural resources all over the country….

Who can blame them?  They were suckered into buying US treasuries at a time when the US is being deliberately driven to bankruptcy by its corpulent transnational overlords.  They’d do well to make their purchases while dollars are still worth something.  But since they hold “sovereign” debt (an ironic term to be sure) the assets of the federal government are also potentially at stake.  Assets like national parks etc.  I’d say the chinese stand to make a killing trading their US paper for real assets.

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