Scientocracy: science of democracy #2

In democracy you rule with the consent of the people and draw from the wisdom of the people. In contrast, a hierarchal government uses an elite group to rule over everyone. Although democratic republics still do exist, democracy is presently being undermined by a global plutocracy. This New World Order, secretive global government, consists of bankers, corporations and generational billionaires. They are served by technocrats who use their technical understanding of behavioral science and economics to oppress the majority of the population. The result is tragic. These technocrats impose upon our world never-ending war, pollution and poverty. But if international democracy were properly structured, all these problems could be solved. Democracy taps into the collective consciousness of a group of people and in doing so it seeks council from a higher wisdom. There is a story which illustrates this. Before I tell this story, we need to review some basic math. You may remember that to find the mean of a set of numbers you must find their usual average. For example (13+18+13+14+13+16+14+21+13) divided by 9 = 15. You may notice that the mean isn’t a value from the original list. That point is essential to this story. Many years ago an aristocratic mathematician wanted to demonstrate that the commoners in his town were incapable of self-government. To show how stupid they were, he set up a contest. Whoever could accurately guess the weight of a cow would win it. The commoners all wrote down their guesses and submitted them. Then the cow was weighed, but as it turned out, nobody quite guessed the weight accurately. However, out of curiosity, the aristocrat added up the numbers and divided them appropriately to find the mean. What he discovered to his surprise that the mean was spot-on correct. What this showed was that the collective consciousness of the commoners was more intelligent than the intelligence of any one individual commoner. Scientocracy has the ability to use computers and mathematical models to gain access to the collective consciousness of the millions of people in a country. Scientocracy can make modern democracy workable. In doing so, government can become elevated so that it is guided by something greater than the petty greed of our present day technocratic hierarchy.

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