Scientocracy: science of democracy #1

The word Scientocracy is a neologism–it hasn’t found its way into regular use and its definition is in question. I define this word as a government of the people which is informed by science. These two factors, the growth of human population size and the world’s dependence on the products of science, make Scientocracy necessary to any future democratic republic. This is the political system of the future. However, the world is currently ruled by a type of secretive Technocracy. I define Technocracy as the rule of a group of elite technicians. Scientocracy is different than Technocracy. The root word meaning of science is to know. In contrast, technology is merely a way of doing something–a method–a technique. Our present global Technocracy is made up of functionaries who work for global corporations, bankers, and generational billionaires. All these technocrats have done is to take the age old methods of social oppression and given such methods technical precision. Technocracy is hierarchal and plutocratic. It is functional without being knowledgable. Scientocracy brings knowledge into democratic processes. It makes a republic of the people, for the people, possible. However, true Scientocracy must not be materialistic scientism. It must recognize that advanced physics can explain the validity of spirituality. Scientocracy must not be mere behavioral science, it must recognize the spirituality is essential to humanism. The present time New World Order is a global plutocracy that is killing the world and enslaving humanity so that a tiny minority can enjoy the illusion of absolute power. It is the Technocrats which serve the New World Order who have propped it up for this long. But their techniques will soon fail. As Technocracy falls, Scientocracy will rise.

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