Sabotaging the Food Supply: BP Shrimp

Marine toxicologist Riki Ott points out the malformities in the shrimp recently coming out of the Gulf of Mexico (on November 11, 2012) as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the chemical dispersant used in clean up process.

Shrimp have been found with blackened guts and lungs, tumors, mis-shapen heads, and some shrimp found without even eye sockets. Says Ott, “I have never seen this happen after an oil spill, these mutated wildlife…I believe this was because of the dispersant. The extraordinary spraying of just mass quantities of dispersant at the surface, at the sub-surface, day after day for months.”

This video is a bonus feature on the DVD DIRTY ENERGY: THE DEEPWATER HORIZON DISASTER directed by Bryan D. Hopkins and available on DVD/VOD from Cinema Libre Studio 1/22/2012.

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