NWO creates Shangri-la?

I have been told by contacts that there is a division within the Illuminati between the old money oligarchy and the technocrats who manage the affairs of their wealthy masters. Most of the power players in the global oligarchy want to go ahead with the brutal WWIII plan that is supposed to beat everyone into submission economically and emotionally. Then everyone will become willing slaves to the NWO. The smarter Technocrats know that such a plan will only result in true chaos and effective resistance. Instead they want to seduce the world into accepting global government. One plan, rejected by the old school Illuminati aristocrats, would liberate Tibet by making it a UN protectorate state. Then Tibet would be turned into a model utopian country–a true Shangri-la. This would sell the rest of the nations of the world on the idea of aligning themselves to the UN’s globalization plan. What China would get out of this is they would occupy Pakistan territory under the UN banner and then they could build their oil pipeline. Personally, I like the idea of Tibet being liberated if it were a democracy where they could elect Buddhist priests or whoever they want into office. I don’t object to China having oil as long as they come to an agreement with the Pakistan government. I have come to believe that some of the Illuminati Technocrats are smarter than their old money masters, but I still have doubts that generational billionaires will ever agree to any plan that might actually create a better world. In my heart I personally desire that Tibet be liberated. But I don’t know that this plan is the way it will be done.

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