Columbia MO City Council Considers Fracking Gas to Power City Vehicles


MONDAY, JULY 1, 2013 AT 7:00 P.M. 

We hope members of CiViC, GRO, Peaceworks and other Progressive community organizations can join us, Columbia Climate Change Coalition and Peoples’ Visioning speaking out on this issue!! This is an extremely important issue that will affect those far outside of Columbia city limits, so please get involved if you live anywhere in the county or region!  If you know much about “Fracking for Natural Gas,” then you probably don’t want the City of Columbia, Missouri, to be investing in it.

The current plan is not just for the City of Columbia to take its fleet to CNG, but also to help build a CNG fueling station in the national CNG proposed infrastructure. 


1) Hydraulic Fracturing: ‘Fracking’, has been scientifically proven to infiltrate and contaminate underground fresh water!! (Fracking is why we have a NG boom!!)

2) Fracking for NG has been proven to release methane, unable to be captured, over 20 times more potent than the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) CO2; and, it’s ‘front-loaded’!

3) Fracking for NG requires extreme volumes of municipal, public, county, etc…fresh water, which is, then, loaded with toxic ‘Fracking’ chemicals and sand, high-pressure blasted below ground to break up underground bedrock, releasing NG! Some stays and does not return! What does return has even more toxins than previous: heavy metals, radon, etc! This even more toxic, recovered ‘slip’ must be stored or ‘treated’!

4) Large amounts of sand are required to Frack, getting it is causing something akin to ‘mountain top removal’ for it, which is devastating the environment and communities in these areas.

5) The Fracking combinations of toxic substances cause human, animal and plant illness and toxicity near these Fracking areas! Some have lost their lives, many their health, then their healthy lands, their livestock, farms and other livelihoods, property values, etc!!

6) Earthquakes and sinkholes, more frequent since Fracking, are linked to Fracking!!

7) There are other options! If there was political will to invest as much in an ‘Apollo-Type’, WWII-type development and deployment of wind and solar, current and tidal, geothermal and a few other good renewable options, where we are right now, we would not need what those who influence government directions, call this ‘energy bridge technology’=’Fracking bridge,’ with all the above negatives** Instead we could eventually, and quickly, have ‘free energy’ for ‘the people’— NOT what those who want to keep selling us not-free and non-renewable energy want!!

8) NO ‘Free Power’ for the People –not for as long as this ‘bridge energy’ can be ‘sold’ to the public ‘as necessary’—a ‘bridge’ that will be built with the design to be lasting for at least a ½ century, no doubt, with the kind of investment put there instead of towards renewables*** Not a very short-term bridge as being proposed or described!!

9) Fracking, along with other polluting non-renewables receives 6-7 times more taxpayer assistance than does renewable energy**

10) The cost of NG gas is kept significantly lower due to taxpayer subsidies and tax breaks.

11) The cost is further kept down because of a large glut of NG on the U.S. market the plan is to start exporting this to help supply global energy markets! Once this happens, there will be huge NG/CNG price adjustments, generally upwards, so the cost Columbia’s decisions are calculated on will be significantly different and able to be manipulated by markets and production for more higher profits to corporations focused on their greatest maximum profit!

Taxpayer subsidies for destroying the groundwater?  This is kamikaze stuff.  The “government” has established an incentive to destroy access to clean water.  And for what?  NG is depleting rapidly.  We’ll be left with no water and lots of NG vehicles with no fuel.  How much energy will it take to purify polluted water?

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