The Gold Game

I’m not an economist, but I don’t agree that gold is the answer, partly because the financial scammers already have most of it, but in any case gold bugs skirt the underlying issue that all money is fiat including gold, since like all other currencies, it’s only supported by the perception that what you’re paid for services rendered will still be worth at least as much when you spend it.  The key is to recognize that “the people” acting through their government have the right to define and control money for their own benefit as specified in the constitution. The IMF’s SDR scam referenced in the video is just more bankster shell games and if adopted, will complete their takeover of the world.  Publicly controlled sovereign money is the only way out.  See

Still there’s a lot to take away here, most especially that the current system does necessitate very high level and broad secret coordination among seemingly independent actors on the world stage.  Here’s a mind-blowing illustration of this fact:

17) Why didn’t nationalized money systems work in the former Soviet countries?
Because their monetary systems were still controlled from within their banking systems, using the same faulty methods. The 1966 Federal Reserve publication Money, Banking, and Credit in Eastern Europe states:
“In the communist countries, money is created in the same way as in capitalist countries – through the extension of bank credit. This fact is not generally recognized or accepted in the various countries of Eastern Europe. The result is that a good deal of confusion emerges from their economic literature with regard to the nature of money and the role of the monetary process and the function of the banking system.… Since Marx identified money with gold, the official theory holds paper money to be merely a substitute for gold and ignores deposit money.” (p. 42-43)

In other words, at its core, the soviet economy functioned in much the same way as the west’s, the only difference is which mask (corporate or governmental) concealed the money powers that controlled it.  This raises the question of the degree to which both east and west were/are controlled by the same people.

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