Biowarfare Against US Troops by the US Govt

If you want to infiltrate and take over a country by intrigue your biggest foe is that country’s military, who are (for the most part) made up of patriots who know how to fight.  What better way to incapacitate them than by foisting toxic vaccines on them?

I know someone who enlisted after 9/11 and was trained as a medic.  His entire training (100%) dealt with administering vaccines.  Not broken bones, not wound dressing, not battlefield triage, but only vaccines.  Seems odd to me.

Service Member Shares Vaccine Experience

“I do not know what-all was in these vaccines, but I thought I would share my story of three vaccines, all received in the last three years in the US Navy. I had never had a serious reaction to any vaccine before, and it was after the third round of it that I decided to do some research for myself. Now I am carrying my first child, and I am grateful that I have done this research so that I can spare my child the results of a criminal undertaking in the form of mass vaccination….

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