Wheels Within Wheels: Questions Surround NSA “Leak”

Is it possible that the PRISM leak was set up by the NSA as a deception operation in support of the Obama Administration’s ongoing wars against whistleblowers and the 4th Amendment? Documents from Federal intelligence contractor HBGary, published in 2011 by anonymous hackers, include a Power Point presentation proposing methods for attacking Wikileaks, and this document names Glenn Greenwald, who broke the PRISM story, as a specific target …


Or, further down the rabbit hole, Webster Tarpley suggested the leak may be a kind of political attack waged by the neocons to push a reluctant obama into an overt syrian military attack.  After all, Snowden’s disclosures are hardly new, they’re only more conveniently packaged for the half-awake.  By that measure, it would appear to have been successful: http://www.prisonplanet.com/man-behind-syrian-chemical-weapons-claim-is-fiction-writer-who-covered-up-benghazi.html